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Bodyguard T240S Treadmill Review


The T240S treadmill is the basic residential sports unit from Bodyguard that packages commercial performance but also a limited range of features. For $2,400, many reviewers consider this machine overpriced. In our opinion, the price is indeed a little too high to stay in competition with cheaper brands. Still, we don’t forget that Bodyguard has a reputation for building strong machines that last for a long time.


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Speed : 0.5 - 11 mph

Incline : 0% - 15%

Motor : 2.75 HP DC motor

Belt : 20 in x 54 in/ 51 cm x 137 cm

Step-up height : 7.75 in

Cushioning system : BDS

Folding options : not included

Maximum user weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit dimensions : 72 in L x 29.5 in W x 53 in H/ 183 cm x 75 cm x 135 cm

Unit weight : 240 lbs/ 109 kg

Power requirements : 120 VAC (50-60HZ)

Warranty : lifetime for frame and drive motor, 10 years for parts and 3 years labor.

Key Features


Display info

5 red LED data Windows give you feedback on speed, incline, distance, calories, calories/ h, elapsed time, heart rate.

This model, alongside T260P, T260F, T270, T280P, T460XC, T520P and T560X, comes with a wide variety of functions that allow you to customize the treadmill according to your own requirements.

These settings regard: language, weight input, user identification, distance selection, warm up, cool down, heart rate control option, beeper option, speed limits, learn program/ custom program, pause, auto power off, saving/memory option, console lock, incline, preset speed, user ID, clock options, turbo training, default weight.

You also have energy saving options, and you can use metric or Standard units of measurement.

iTek key

gives you direct and quick access to Settings menu. If you hold this key for 3 seconds, you can access the Diagnostics menu. iTek key may also be used as Home key.

Heart rate info

Either use the digital contact heart rate sensors, which are the upgraded version of standard analog sensors, or the Polar chest strap, that you must buy separately.


7 preset workout

s are available on T240S: JustGo, Manual, Hill, Weight Loss, Random, Heart rate control and Cardiovascular program. Hill, Weight Loss, Cardio and Random offer 5 individual exercise levels.


allows you to start a Manual program by only pressing one key. You have full control over speed and incline.

To start a program, press Increase/ Decrease speed until the desired workout is displayed. Press JustGo to accept. Enter your weight and time and press JustGo.

For Cardio programs, select your training zone: warm up, fat burn, aerobic or anaerobic.

Diagnostics menu

To access this menu, hold iTek key for 3 seconds. Tests performed are Keypad test, Current test, ESC test, Speed Sensor test, Error log, Maintenance and Statistics.

Bodyguard T240S Treadmill Review - Console

Maintenance info

Periodically check the unit for signs of wear. After each workout, wipe down your treadmill using a mild, non-abrasive liquid cleanser applied with a soft, cotton cloth.

Main keypad



2.5″sealed bearing

Bottle holder


Reading rack

integrated, optionally customizable

Transport wheels



The T240S treadmill from Bodyguard is a notable unit amongst basic-featured machines and it definitely delivers all promises. But, there is a but. While other brands lower the cost of similar entry machines, Bodyguard doesn’t reduce the cost. This is a reason good enough to think twice before you spend $2,400 on a machine you’ll use twice a week, but, if you ask us, you should consider this a viable option worth the extra money.

T240S has strong advantages that its competitors don’t. Let’s have a look at them.


We know that the lower control board is basically the heart of the treadmill. This is where it all happens: the power is transmitted to the motor and the belt becomes smoother and consistent. Therefore, a lot of stressed lies on the lower control board, so you need high quality components for durability and ongoing performance.

Bodyguard delivers just that, plus it prevents the treadmill from over speeding at highest inclines, which is the best thing that can happen to you as treadmill user.

But then there’s the running surface which is easy to maintain and runs smoothly, but it’s simply too small compared to the high-performance motor we discussed 2 rows above. 20 in x 54 in doesn’t accommodate more than average users, so the height and weight limits are more than obvious.

The workouts range is not extremely generous. You get 7 preset workouts that allow you to insert your own values, like age and weight. Speed and incline are also easy to adjust. And here is another aspect that adds value to this unit, if you decide to purchase it. The silicone keys are bound to last longer than usual ones and are also smooth and easy to use. Details matter.

A bit more preset workouts would have been a plus to this overpriced unit, but you can rule out this impediment if you find inspiration in our treadmill workouts section.

Another aspect we appreciate quite a lot is that you always get to see how your treadmill is operating. The diagnostics menu is efficient because it shows you whenever something goes wrong with your machine. You’re permanently updated on what needs to be fixed, so that you can fix it immediately. This is a feature that will help this treadmill work for a long long time, efficiently.

We’re not crazy about the console, since it doesn’t have a lighted background. It may be a bit difficult to read.

But the warranty is good, surprisingly.

Bodyguard T240S Treadmill Review - Side Look

Main attraction

Can’t really say it has any special features. It’s a medium-class unit with basic functionality.


This unit could have been a catch if only the price was lower.

See more details about Bodyguard T240S treadmill at the manufacturer’s website.

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