Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill

Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill


The Bodyguard T-30 is their entry level model, but this commercial-grade treadmill is packed with great features like advanced cushioning, heart rate programs, incline capability and a large runner’s deck. Although it’s pricey at just under $3000, it’s a great choice if you can afford it.


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Speed : 0.5 - 12 mph

Incline : 0% - 15%

Motor : 3 HP DC motor

Belt : 22" x 56"

Step-up height : 7.25 in

Cushioning system : Bodyguard Dissipation System

Folding options : Not included

Maximum user weight : 400 lbs.

Unit dimensions : 74" x 30" x 54"

Unit weight : 272 lbs.

Warranty : Lifetime for frame and drive motor, 10 years for parts and 3 years labor

Best Features

Advanced Cushioning

The T-30 as well as the other treadmills in the company’s lineup feature the patented BDS cushioning system.

This special system not only minimizes impact but also maximizes your foot stability and simulates the feel of an outdoor track.

Combined with the company’s unique X-Frame, their treadmills are more stable and durable than other machines in their class.

Electronic Stride Control

This special system maintains the ideal belt speed when you’re exercising on an incline and provides the necessary support for the push off stage of your stride.

Heart Rate Control Programs

For those looking to maximize their workouts the Bodyguard T-30 offers heart rate control programs, keeping you in your ideal zone throughout your workout with speed only, incline only or a combination of the two.

This will greatly improve your cardiovascular health and overall benefits from your training.

Incline Capability

The T-30, just like the mid-range T-45 model, inclines up to 15%, which allows you to target different muscle groups in your legs and challenge yourself.

Upping the incline increases your calorie burn and gives you a more effective workout.

Other Great Features

In addition to everything we mention above you also get a powerful, yet quiet 3 HP motor, speeds up to 12 mph, a large console, friction detection for maintenance purposes, silicone touch keys and a high max weight capacity of 400 lbs.



There are a lot of things to like about the Bodyguard T-30 treadmill. It’s commercial grade and durable, with a well-cushioned 4 way reversible deck, safety features, incline, heart rate control programs as well as 6 others built in.

It has a high max weight capacity, and one of the best warranties in the business: Lifetime frame and motor, 10 years parts and 3 years labor. You just can’t find that anywhere else.


There are a few drawbacks worth mentioning here. For starters, while the deck is wide, at 22″, it is shorter than other treadmills at only 56″ long. As such it might be uncomfortable for taller users.

Also, although the console is nicely laid out and easy to use, it would be nice to have a touch screen at this price, and perhaps a few more workout programs.

Bottom Line

The Bodyguard T-30 treadmill is a great choice if you are looking for a high end machine for your home.

The warranty is superb, meaning the company stands behind the product which is always a good sign. It has everything you need for a great workout, and will last years with little to no maintenance required.

Check out the T-75 model if you are very tall, as it has a longer deck as well as decline and other great features.

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