Sole TT8 Treadmill Review

Sole TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill


The Sole TT8 treadmill is the flagship cardio machine produced by Sole Fitness. The treadmill features a large and impressive belt that offers plenty of exercise room for any user category. The remarkable belt is powered by a super strong 4.0 CHP motor.

The console has a nice design and includes enough preset workouts to satisfy any user. There is also a built-in fan to cool you down during training.

The Sole TT8 treadmill is a non-folding machine and one of the best choices for those interested in a well-built machine that is comfortable to use and will last for years. This is why it is one of our top choices in the category and has won many industry awards and accolades.


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Speed : 0-12 mph The TT8 can reach a maximum speed of 12 mph, which will work for all users.

Incline/Decline : -6-15% The Sole TT8 treadmill features an elevation range between -6 and 15 degrees. The incline can be changed with one touch via the side buttons.

Motor : This treadmill is equipped with a high end 4.0 CHP motor able to sustain an intense rhythm for a very long time.

Belt : 22"x 60" The double woven 2-ply belt is the largest produced by Sole. The running space is very generous and comes with a Flex Shock Absorption Whisper Cushioning system.

Workout Tracking : Via Bluetooth and Sole Fitness App

Dimensions : 82" L x 36" W x 58" H: 322 lbs.

Warranty : Sole offers an impressive warranty for this model: lifetime for deck, frame and motor, 5 years for electronics, belt, rollers and 2 years for home service.

Sole TT8 Treadmill - Best Features

Incline/Decline Capability

The top of the line Sole TT8 now includes decline as well as incline capability, which is very hard to find these days.

You get up to 15% of power incline that you can easily adjust with the touch of a button. You also get up to 6 degrees of decline, which really takes your workouts to the next level.

Heart Rate Control

The TT8 model features a heart rate control system that reads your heart pulse and adjusts the exertion level of the workout in order to keep you in the targeted zone. A wireless chest strap can be used for more accurate measurements.sole tt8 treadmill console with bluetooth

Preset Workout Programs

The Sole TT8 treadmill features six standard programs, 2 user defined and 2 heart workouts. These built in workouts help you reach your fitness goals and at the same time make training sessions more enjoyable.

The machine supports a maximum user weight of 400 lbs, as does the similar F85 treadmill, the highest in the industry.

Large Runner's Deck

The TT8 features a 22″ x 60″ commercial sized deck with Cushion Flex shock absorption that reduces impact on your knees and joints significantly. It’s also very quiet so it won’t drown out your music or TV viewing.

Other Great Features

The Sole TT8 is Bluetooth compatible, so you can sync your workouts to your favorite fitness apps for sharing and monitoring purposes.

It also features a new 10.1″ TFT LCD display, which is larger and brighter than the console on previous models.

(Note that Sole just introduced a new TT9 treadmill, the first machine to feature a touch screen display, among other enhanced features.)

You get a sound system and cooling fans included as well to make your workouts more enjoyable.

Sole TT8 Review - Conclusion

We really love the running area on the Sole TT8. It doesn’t matter what size you are, you will have plenty of exercise space with this belt. The treadmill is powered by a heavy-duty, ultra quiet 4.0 CHP motor.

On top of the generous belt and the powerful motor the Sole TT8 treadmill features a very advanced cushioning system. The Cushion Flex Deck reduces most of the impact on your joints, making it easier for you to last longer and get more out of your workout.

The console has a friendly interface and gives you the ability to choose between the various preset workout programs very easily. We also appreciate the heart rate control system, but it would have been nice if the chest strap that was included in the package.

The warranty is impressive and adds extra value to this sturdy machine.

The price of this treadmill is fantastic when compared to similar machines that have a 22″ wide belt. It’s quite similar to the S77 treadmill…the only difference is it’s sturdier and heavier, so it will stand up to a lot of wear and tear and multiple users.

You can check out the new Sole TT8 Treadmill on the company site to learn more about it. It’s the top of the line Sole treadmill offering and about as good as it gets in the category.

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