Sole ST90 Review

Sole ST90


The Sole ST90 treadmill is the latest addition to the company’s popular line of home fitness equipment and unlike any of their other home and light commercial models, it is the first to offer a slat belt design. The slat belt purportedly absorbs more impact than a traditional one, so those with joint pain or injuries might find it easier to use.

The ST90 is currently the most expensive treadmill that Sole offers, upwards of $3,500 when on sale. However, given the quality of the machine it’s worth the expense for those with the budget.

Let’s jump into our review to see what this new cardio machine is all about…


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Speed : up to 12.5 mph

Incline : up to 15%

Decline : none

Motor : 2 HP AC

Belt : 20 x 60 inches

Maximum User Weight : 330 lbs.

Unit Weight : 376 lbs.

Workout Tracking : Bluetooth via the Studio App

Warranty : 5 years frame/motor, 3 years deck/electronics, 1 year parts/labor

Sole ST90 - Best Features

Slat Belt Design Easier On The Joints

While most of Sole’s treadmills offer similar features in terms of space, incline and console, the ST90 stands out in one obvious area, its slat belt design.

Unlike most home treadmills, which utilize traditional decks, the ST90 opts for rubber slats seated within the frame. This design is typical of commercial treadmills and offers a thicker landing pad and fewer springs making it much easier on the joints.

We were anxious to see if this would really make a huge difference in the feel of the machine and we weren’t disappointed. Without the deck, the feel is much more similar to running on a hard surface yet it didn’t cause the same kind of wear and tear on the joints that road running does.

As a bonus, it also includes a “free” mode, which essentially turns the ST90 into a manual treadmill, adding another level of challenge to your workout.

Yes, the ST90 costs considerably more than the closest model in Sole’s lineup but if preserving your joints while getting a good quality workout is important to you, then it’s definitely worth considering.

AC Motor for Extra Durability

We were surprised at the somewhat limited warranty on the ST90 compared to other Sole models but that is mitigated to an extent by the fact that this model features a 2HP AC motor.

It’s the only Sole model that has an AC motor, which is designed to run longer and more efficiently, making it ideal for commercial use.

So while you may only be getting a 5 year warranty on the motor, it should be able to stand up to even the most extensive use without breaking down.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The ST90 offers two ways to monitor your heart rate. Built-in handlebar pulse sensors work dynamically with the treadmill to report real time metrics.
Or you can add a chest strap monitor, not included with purchase, and track your metrics using Bluetooth telemetry for a more complete cardio workout.

All of the Sole treadmills, including the base F63, have this heart monitoring capability, which is one of the main draws of the brand.

Plenty of Workout Options

With 10 standard programs and 12 custom programs, and seven more specifically for heart rate, there is no shortage of options for getting a great workout.

We love the fact that every user, from beginners to serious runners, can find something to challenge them and help build up endurance, increase speed or meet any other specific goal you might have in mind.

You also have the new Studio App option for additional workouts. Read on to learn more about that.

Studio App Compatible

With full Bluetooth capability, the ST90 also lets you take your workout to the next level with Sole’s Studio app. This exciting new addition to Sole’s home fitness equipment was launched in 2021 and helps to put Sole on par with many other popular brands today.

Not only does Studio offer the ability to customize your workout based on real-time metrics including speed, incline, RPM and power, it also gives you access to over 3,000+ boutique classes led by world-class instructors and featuring exciting playlists to help keep you motivated.

There are some fun extras to make workouts more exciting, including leader boards that let you compare your performance to other users and FITCOIN rewards that you earn during every workout and can redeem for prizes.

As of the writing of this review, there’s a 90 day free trial included with purchase and then the app is priced at $19.99 a month after that, which is a pretty decent price compared to similar apps like NordicTrack’s iFit.

Other Nice Features

The Sole ST90 has a few other features designed for comfort and ease of use, including the dynamic 10.1” LCD Android based touchscreen. This is the only model other than the F85 and top end traditional TT8 treadmill to include touchscreen capability.

It also features a built-in tablet/phone holder and USB charger, so you can use your own device and stream your favorite music/movies or apps while you workout.

Sole T90 Review - Conclusion

While there is plenty to love about the Sole ST90, it’s worth taking a look at the pros and cons before you make your final decision…


There are a couple of distinct features that make the ST90 stand out from the rest of Sole’s treadmill models.

The slat belt design is usually only found in commercial treadmills and it offers a more comfortable surface that is easier on the joints.

The AC motor is another feature usually limited to commercial models and it provides a level of durability not often found in home treadmills.

15 levels of incline allow for plenty of flexibility in workouts and we loved how easy it was to adjust incline and speed with the built-in knobs on the side arms.

The built-in tablet/device holder lets you access your favorite movies/shows and music during your workout and the Bluetooth speakers make for a truly immersive workout experience.

With a free 90 day trial and a relatively affordable $19.99 monthly fee after that, the Studio app is a great addition. You have access to over 3,000 workouts led by world-class trainers and the 10.1” Touch Screen Display makes it easy to follow along and get the most out of your workout.


The most obvious drawback of the Sole ST90 is its price. At $3,500+ it is Sole’s most expensive model so it won’t fit into everyone’s budget. If budget is an issue you might want to consider one of Sole’s less expensive models that still offer many excellent features.

Since it is a commercial-style treadmill, the ST90 carries significant weight. While it can easily accommodate heavier users, at a sizable 376 pounds this model is not designed to be moved around easily.

While it offers 15 levels of incline, we were surprised to find out that for a high-end model it lacks the decline feature that the TT8 includes, which allows you to run/walk downhill for an extra challenge.

The other significant drawback we found was the warranty, which is surprisingly limited compared to most of the other Sole models. The ST90 only carries a 5 year warranty on the frame/motor and 1 year on parts/labor compared to the lifetime frame/motor on all of Sole’s other models.

Bottom Line

The Sole ST90 is the top of the line model with a price tag to match, but it offers the durability of a commercial treadmill, complete with slat belt design that is easy on the joints.

When you add in all the unique features of Sole’s Studio app, which gives you access to over 3,000 workouts and the ability to push yourself by competing for rewards, it really makes for a fully immersive experience.

Sole made its reputation on treadmills designed for use in hotels and with the ST90 they truly bring that commercial workout experience to the comfort of your own home.

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