Smooth 7.35

Smooth 7.35 Treadmill - Review by RunReviews


The Smooth 7.35 folding treadmill is a sturdy machine that can satisfy the needs of avid runners and joggers. It offers intense workouts and delivers great results.

This machine is built to last. And most of all, it is very smooth and quiet.

Read next more about the Smooth 7.35 and see is this is the treadmill you’ve been looking for. Check out our Conclusions section for more details about our experience.


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Speed : 0.5 - 12 mph (handrail speed control included)

Incline : 0 - 15% (handrail incline control included)

Motor : 3.25 CHP

Belt : 20" x 62" The belt is supported by Im-Pression Shock absorption cushioning system.

Treadmill Dimensions : 78" Length - 34" Width - 56" Height

Treadmill Weight : 231 lbs

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 158 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 7 years parts & electronics, 2 years in-home labor


Display Info

The blue backlit LCD display offers the feedback you need in order to perform efficiently. It displays the approximate number of burned calories, the estimated heart rate, distance in miles/ km, incline and running speed. You can program the time length of the desired program and you can also insert your age.

The console is easy to use and offers the basic buttons. You can adjust incline and speed by pressing Up and Down. Remember that Incline and Speed can also be altered by using the one – touch controls on the handrails of the treadmill.

The Mode button enters program selection, countdown setting and also displays time, distance, calories, age or pulse at your preference. There’s also the Start button, Stop, 6 one-touch buttons that you can use to set the ideal speed and incline during an ongoing Manual program.

Smooth 7.35 Treadmill Folded - Review by RunReviews

Smooth 7.35 Treadmill Folded – Image courtesy of Smooth

Heart Rate Readings

You can either use the pulse monitors located on the handgrips or the chest strap for hands-free heart rate readings.


The Smooth 7.35 offers several programs that you may find fit for reaching your fitness goals. You can choose out of 25 programs.

Press Mode to set Time, Distance and Calories.

For the Heart Rate programs, you can choose out of 65% or 85% HRC programs. After selecting one of these 2 options and after inserting your age, the console will set speed according to your previous selection. Use the chest strap for HRC programs.



Folding Options


Sound System and Audio Controls

This treadmill incorporates a sound system with speakers and with MP3 compatibility. On the console you have buttons to change volume, rewind, forward and play.

We noticed that if you use the speakers at high volume, the heart readings are less accurate. It is a known behavior Smooth already warns his users about. We confirm it really happens.

Water Bottle Holders


Reading rack shelf


Smooth 7.35 Console - Review by RunReviews


The Smooth 7.35 2011 version is a powerful, sturdy machine. But it has a few drawbacks that you may find it hard to cope with. We recommend this machine for avid runners and joggers, but you should skim this Conclusions section in order to be fully informed.

The advantages of this machine are numerous. First off, it won’t take more than 30 minutes to assemble it and it comes with the necessary installation tools. Second off, you can always fold it when you’re not using it and store it where it doesn’t disturb you.

Third off, this machine is spacious. Even heavier users, up to 350 lbs/ 158 kg can use this treadmill comfortably. The running area is above average and it will make your workouts comfortable and consistent. The motor is the cherry on top. The 3.25 CHP will engage you in tough, effective workouts.

An important asset is that this treadmill doesn’t squeak. It is as smooth as thin ice and doesn’t disturb you with those terrible noises that large treadmills do.

The Smooth 7.35 is easy to set up and the display offers proper and rapid feedback. The handrails have the speed and incline adjustment keys that are really convenient. You don’t have to press, only touch the keys.

There are also several cons that you may find problematic. It offers feedback on the approximate number of burned calories, but you don’t have the option to input your weight so that the console can calculate more accurately. The fan is also a minus. Ours broke down at the third employment. The manual program can only adjust speed or incline, not both. It takes a lot of space, since this is a large treadmill. And also, quick input keys can’t be used for all inclines and speeds.

Overall, these flaws are only small details. This is a good machine, it holds up well and is worth purchasing.

Not to forget, this treadmill comes with a tremendous warranty. Lifetime for frame and motor, 7 years for parts & electronics and 2 years for in-home labor guarantee a machine that was built to last.

The advantages of this treadmill are worth it if you can overlook its little flaws.

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