Smooth 8.35


The Smooth 8.35 Treadmill is a brand new model on the Smooth list for 2012. As other new releases from Smooth, this treadmill is an improved version of a former unit, with a new name.

Nevertheless, the new 8.35 is a premium treadmill, gathering a quiet motor, a stable frame, an exceeding running surface, an impressive and diverse array of workouts. Plus, it allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while running hard.

Follow us next to see if this is the treadmill for you and go to Conclusions for a final overlook.


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Speed : up to 12 mph

QuickChange : button for speed is located on the handrail and allows you to alter speed easily.

Incline : up to 15 levels

QuickChange : button for incline is also located on the handrail, next to Speed change button.

Motor : 3.5 CHP

Belt : 20″ x 62″/ 51 cm x 157 cm

Cushioning System : Im-Pression Shock Absorption Cushioning System

Folding Options : SmoothDrop Folding Frame

Maximum User Weight : 400 lbs/ 182 kg

Unit Dimensions : 82" L x 35" W (208 cm L x 89 cm W)

Unit Weight : 250 lbs/ 113 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 7 years for parts and 2 years for labor.


Display Info

The SmoothControl Blue backlit console incorporates easy-to-read buttons that display program name, gender, calories, age, heart rate, weight, speed, height, incline, time, distance and the dot matrix.

Heart Rate Info

Use the handgrip heart rate control monitor or the wireless chest strap to check your heart rate while working out.


The 8.35 comes with 31 built-in programs of which 1 Manual, 8 Incline, 4 Custom Programs, 8 Speed, 5 Speed/ Incline, a Fitness Test and 4 Heart Rate Control programs.

Before starting your workout, you have to set up an user profile.

Press -/+ to choose the user number from 1-4 and press Enter. Press the Speed adjust keys -/+ to select the user. Press and hold Program Select and then, while holding the program button, press and hold Enter. Insert gender, age, weight, height and then select the program.

By logging in, you can record your workouts. You plug in the My Smooth Virtual Fitness Trainer USB and follow instructions.

When the programs reach 0, the treadmill will enter the Cool Down program.

SmoothSound Audio System


iPod compatibility

not included

SmoothAir Built-in fan


Reading Rack


Transport Wheels


Water Bottle Holders


My Smooth Virtual Fitness Trainer

This technology helps users track their progress, create custom workouts and get advice to keep motivation on a high level.


A treadmill enthusiast will always divide good treadmills from bad treadmills. It’s like choosing a fresh apple instead of a decayed one. Smooth 8.35 Treadmill is by far a very fresh apple. This premium unit is stable, accommodating and packed with load of features. For all these reasons, the 8.35 is a Best Buy if you want to run on it for 1-2 hours daily.


First off, we’re talking about the running surface, which makes this treadmill highlight among the other units. The generous belt exceeds the average dimensions and insures taller and heavier users they can jump on this treadmill and leave their worries at the door. If you need more insurance, check out the maximum user weight. 400 lbs is notably more than the common 350 or even worse, 300 lbs.

But can this treadmill support such heavy weights? Yes, it can. The solid frame offers serious stability, so that you run as far or as high as you want, without stressing about whether your treadmill will last or not.

The shock absorption system is something we’re quite fond of. The latest thing about treadmills is the cushioning system that offers a soft landing and a firm push-off. The 8.35 also features this technology and may I say it works great. We haven’t had any complaints so far.

So how can you use at its maximum this cushioning technology? By taking your workout experience 1 step further with the multitude of workouts that come with the 8.35. No matter your goal, there are plenty of programs for you to choose from. And in order to get an accurate feedback, the console allows you to insert age, height, weight and gender prior to any workout.

A cool sound system definitely keeps you motivated when the going gets tough, so this one is also checked.
You get the wireless chest strap included in the price and a quality fan to cool off at any time.

A strong warranty insures the long life of your investment.

Main attraction

Of course, we’re talking about the My Smooth Virtual Fitness Trainer that tracks progress, allows you to create up to 4 workout plans and you also get a tip or two on how to increase performance.

Once again the cushioning system is worth mentioning as a main attraction of this treadmill. And also does the motor that features parts found only in commercial units. You’ll be surprised of how quietly it can run, even at higher speeds.


Although the 8.35 adds a large array of pros, it may be a bit too much for the average walker or jogger. So unless you want to buckle up for a monster treadmill, you should consider other treadmills too.

For $1800, the 8.35 signed by Smooth is an exceptional buy. We definitely recommend it to any user focused on using the last inch of his treadmill. This updated version of the average treadmill may be a dream come true for many avid runners out there.

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