iFIT Treadmills – Which Machines Have This Technology?

ifit consoleSome time ago we wrote an article about iFit workouts, what their advantages and weaknesses are, how to install the iFit LIVE module, how iFit LIVE workouts work and what SD cards we recommend. Since that post, we’ve received many comments about iFit and the treadmills that support it.

This is a long and growing list because almost all new NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills now have this system.

As of 2021, there are a ton of iFit compatible (meaning you need to have a tablet or Smart Phone to use it), and iFit ready (meaning it is integrated with the machine) treadmills available on the market.

In addition to the ProForm and NordicTrack iFit treadmills, you have all of the other ICON Fitness brands: Reebok, Healthrider and FreeMotion treadmills, although ICON does not focus on these brands as much as its main ones.

Also, since ICON Health and Fitness bought the trademarks and websites of Smooth Fitness, these machines also feature iFit technology now. (It looks like Smooth may be out of business however)

So you’ll see iFit on more and more machines these days, and it remains one of the most incredible workout experiences you’ll ever have.

Other manufacturers have their versions of iFit, like Bowflex JRNY, ViaFit from Johnson Fitness found on their Horizon, Vision and Matrix treadmills, Peloton Tread with its own app, Preva from Precor and Life Fitness Connect. But thus far, iFit seems to be the most comprehensive and exciting to use, especially with the Google map integration that allows you to run anywhere in the world.

A Look at the Current iFit Treadmills

As a basic rule of thumb, at least for now, the cheapest machines in some of the less established lines like Reebok will feature an SD card that you can plug into the machine and it will automatically adjust the speed and incline and provide some other workout capability.

As you move up in the line you’ll typically see iFit compatibility, which means you can take advantage of all of the great iFit features, but you need to purchase a separate module to use it or on NordicTrack and ProForm, simply use Bluetooth and your smart device.

Many of the iFit compatible machines automatically adjusts the speed, inline or the resistance (for ellipticals) based on your goals. It also automatically sends that workout info to iFit.com for tracking purposes.

When you buy some treadmills you get one year free of iFit membership, which allows you to gain access to Google maps to run anywhere in the world, incorporate tons of custom workouts, compete with friends and other great features.

The mid-range and high-end models will usually be iFit ready, which means you don’t have to purchase a separate module to use iFit. It’s already built in. You can either access it on your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth or if there is a touch screen, you can see it right on the treadmill itself.

So all you need here is an iFit membership, which is a couple of hundred per year for the latest version (after an initial free year on some models) and you get all of the great features that we mention above right through your machine.

We used to list all of the iFit treadmills that we recommended but the list is simply getting too long. Eventually we’re sure all of the treadmills under the ICON Fitness umbrella will have the iFit technology so you won’t have to make a decision whether or not to buy a machine that has it.

If you want a treadmill with the latest version of built in, check out the models on the NordicTrack website.

The bottom line is iFit is really cool, and a great motivational tool as there are so many things you can do with it. The Google map integration alone is worth the subscription price as you can virtually run anywhere in the world. So you can choose the exotic location of your choice and you’ll not only see it in front of you but the machine will automatically adjust itself to mimic the actual terrain, hills and all. That’s amazing and definitely keeps me on the treadmill longer than I otherwise would be on it.

On top of that you get workout tracking and sharing, a huge library of on-demand personal trainer designed programs (and now live workouts like Peloton), dietary recommendations and even a free wearable device that tracks all of your activity.

If you are interested in a treadmill with iFit, just visit any of the brands that we mention above by clicking the links above. From there you can go to the product pages to see if they are equipped with iFit technology.

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