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UPDATE: Smooth 9.45ST is no longer available. Browse through our latest reviews to find a treadmill that you can afford and performs up to your expectations.


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Speed : up to 11.2 mph

Incline : up to 15 levels

Motor : 3.0 CHP

Belt : 20 x 60 inches/ 51 x 152 cm

Maximum User Weight : 400 lbs/ 182 kg

Maximum Unit Weight : 304 lbs/ 138 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame, motor & parts + electronic, and 2 years for in-home labor.


Display Info

The console of this treadmill displays the ordinary information: calories, time, speed, incline and heart rate. There is a conversion setting that allows you to switch between Metric and English information. You have to press Start to surf between these 2 options.

There are up to 9 available User profiles. Every time you select your user profile the console will display your personal information. The highlight of this console is that you get to insert weight, height and age values, which enables the console to offer proper and accurate feedback.

Heart Rate Readings

You can either use the hand grips or the wireless chest strap to receive your heart rate information. The chest strap is most useful for heart rate control during Heart Rate Control programs.


The Smooth 9.45 ST incorporates 6 different programs and up to 9 User profiles. The programs include Manual, Killer Hills, Interval Speed program, Weight Loss program, Self-Learning/ Competition and Heart Rate Control program.

For Killer Hills, you can choose out of up to 12 workout levels. You can also set the time for up to 96 minutes. The Weight Loss program is optimized for maximum results in calories burned. Again, choose out of 12 levels. As you increase the level, you increase intensity, therefore you increase performance. This program alternates different speed and incline values for an efficient workout.

The Heart Rate Control program is structured in 3 parts, Warm up, Main Program and Cool Down. You can adjust your own maximum target heart rate. The structure of this program is optimum for a cardio workout. You’ll be losing weight in a manner that fits your body and keeps you injury-free.

Just like the 9.35 HR, the 9.45 ST highlights among other treadmill models due to the Motion Control Hands-free Speed Control System. Basically, you can alter speed with the wave of your hand, no touching, no pressing, no disturbs during workout.

Sound System

This treadmill incorporates a high-quality sound system that works really well and keeps you in shape during tough workouts.

Adjustable Cushioning System



We still believe Smooth 9.45ST wins over many other Smooth treadmill models. And if you choose to buy it without the TV console you get a decent price for it.

The 9.45 ST is a model that we warmly recommend.This is a machine built for serious, even heavier runners. It is sturdy, powerful, adjustable and it can be used by up to 9 users.

The 9.45 ST and the 9.35 HR are almost twin models, noting that the 9.45 is better.

But first things first. The primary attraction about this model is the running surface which is above average. We had a heavier user trying the 9.45 and it turned out to be generously comfortable for him. This belt is 5 inches longer than on the 9.35 model and it makes the difference, for both heavier and taller users.

The motor is as powerful as the 9.35. But what we found highly exciting is that it remains as quiet as the night. It’s a great advantage for a motor this powerful to remain whisper quiet. It was one of the reasons why we prefer this model. Afterwards, all other advantages emerged.

As well as the 9.35, this model incorporates a Motion Control System. It’s at least comfortable to alter the speed with the wave of your hand.

No touching, no pressing needed, we just wave our hand over the sensor and we increase or decrease the speed of the program as we want. This is an inspired feature that we honestly underestimated at first, but after our first workout, it proved its efficiency.

The heart rate control chest strap is an important highlight. You put on the chest strap and the console adjusts heart rate according to your settings. This feature has made our Heart Rate Control programs much more pleasant.

Not only you get to control your heart rate, but also the shock absorbers. According to your personal running style, you can adjust the cushioning system so that it fits your requirements. We have encountered many other treadmills that offer a less pleasant experience.

This won’t happen with the 9.45 ST. Actually, the adjustable cushioning system is one of the most important highlights of this treadmill. We’ve met users who think this cushioning is a drawback, which is hard to understand. It’s high quality and it has caused no troubles so far.

And another characteristic that convinced us this model must be purchased was the weight, age and height input. Inserting personal information equals receiving accurate feedback. We are pleased to get accurate feedback information, especially during Weight Loss programs. It’s the only way to maintain a consistent weight loss schedule.

The minuses of this treadmill are not many and they certainly weigh way less than the pros. First, it will take you a while to assemble this unit, so make sure you spare about 2-3 hours. And second, you don’t get to fold it. Which is kind of obvious for powerful treadmills.

Plus there is the warranty package. Lifetime for frame, motor & parts + electronic, & 2 years for in-home labor can only insure the longevity of this unit.

Before making a decision find out more about your alternatives in the $2000 – $3000 price category.

2 Responses to Smooth 9.45ST

  1. Denise farkas says:

    I just wanted to tell you about my experience with Smooth Fitness. I researched online various treadmill models and manufacturers for about a month or so. I wanted to purchase a treadmill with a television. I decided after reading all the reviews that I was going to purchase a Smooth 9.45 Treadmill with Tv. I ordered the treadmill with the $199 delivery charge online. Approximately five days later, I cancelled the treadmill. The reason I cancelled was I contacted the carrier who was going to deliver the treadmill and based upon their delivery schedule and my work schedule I not going to receive the treadmill until two months after I purchased it. So I was disappointed as I thought by paying the additional money, I would be able to receive it within a reasonable time. smooth fitness told me that I would not receive a full refund as I canceled after the treadmill was shipped. They credited my account only for part of the purchase price. They are now charging me $1000.00 for absolutely nothing. I am very disappointed with this result. At first I was very angry when I spoke with Smooth Fitness regarding this unfair charge. They told me I had to pay a restocking fee even though i never received, opened or even used the machine. Their web site also advertises 60 day guarantee or full refund. I have tried to contact Smooth Fitness by e-mail and asked if this could be worked out. They refuse to respone to my e-mails. I was willing to pay something toward the shipping for returning it. However, they will not respond. The customer service is awful.. Please be aware of that whenever reviewing these companies. They might make a decent treadmill, but their customer service is awful. And being that your buying something without seeing it, they should be more customer friendly. I am just so very upset over all of this. And the sad part is, i really wanted a treadmill. Thank you for listening and considering my comments whenever reviewing the treadmills.
    Denise farkas

  2. admin says:

    @Dennis – thank you for your help and your comment. This type of service is disappointing and we can relate to your feelings towards Smooth. There is always a solution to make clients happy and solve situations like this one, especially when they are ready to send you money. We hope they will read this comment and do something to improve their shipping process.

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