Smooth 9.35 HR 2010 Model


UPDATE: This model has been discontinued by Smooth.

The Smooth 9.35 is one of the best models Smooth has ever produced. It has its ups and downs, but overall it has made a very good impression on us. Read more about the 9.35 treadmill below.


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Speed : up to 11.2 mph Motion Control feature is included. This feature allows controlling speed if you move your right hand 6 inches above the motion sensor on the right handle.

Incline : up to 15 levels Motion Control allows changing speed if you simply wave your left hand 6 inches above the motion sensor on the left handle bar.

Motor : 3.0 CHP

Belt : 20 " x 54 "/ 51 x 137 cm If you want to stop the belt, you can use the Motion Control feature (wave hands over both sensors at the same time).

Maximum User Weight : 400 lbs/ 182 kg

Total Unit Weight : 290 lbs/ 131 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 7 years for parts and electronics and 2 years for in-home labor


Display info

This treadmill has a featured and aesthetic display. Readouts you’ll be getting regard approximate number of burned calories, time, speed, incline and heart rate. You also have a running track display to follow your progress during workout.

After 3 minutes of idleness, the computer will enter Sleep mode. The unit of measurement is either English or Metric. You must press Start to switch between Metric and English and press Stop to confirm.

A primary highlight of this console is that you can alter the speed with the wave of your hand, all touching and pressing aside. The Motion Control system distinguishes this model from others.

Heart Rate Readings

This model includes a wireless heart rate control system. It works with a chest strap and built-in receiver.


The 9.35 HR gathers 6 preset workouts and 9 user profiles, which means up to 9 users can benefit from one unit. The preset workouts include Killer Hills, Interval Speed Program, Weight Loss Program, Self-Learning/ Competition and Heart Rate Control Program.

Prior to choosing your workout, select user first by pressing Incline Up/ Down and Enter when you’ve reached your code. New users should set up weight, height and age.

All programs are easy to set up, just follow instructions shown on the display.

Increase endurance with the Killer Hills program or vary speed settings with the Interval Speed Program. To burn calories rationally and consistently, use the Weight Loss program that alternates different speed and incline settings.

Sound system

MP3 Compatibility

The 9.35 HR incorporates a high-quality sound system.

Motion Control System

Switch on the Motion Control and wave your right hand about 6 inches above the sensor on the right handlebar for speed increase and on the left one to decrease it. It’s the easiest way to alter speed as you wish without touching and pressing.

Manual Suspension Control

The feature is called Hydra Suspension and it allows controlling the cushion system installed on the treadmill. There are 12 levels available which are manually changed before starting the belt..

Both suspensions must have the same level. You move to the right to increase the suspension level, and to the left to decrease it.

If you weigh more or your want to do a more intense workout, the higher the suspension level must be.


The 9.35 is one of the best Smooth models. We highly recommend it to any user eager to check out a high-quality, sturdy machine.

First of all, the motor is powerful and insured for life. Joggers and walkers will love this machine. And also professionals. Not only this machine has a powerful motor, but it can also sustain up to 400 lbs/ 182 kg.

This means that heavier users may use this machine comfortably, although the running surface is below average.

The highlight of this treadmill is the motion hands-free speed control system. You can change the speed of the treadmill without touching or pressing any buttons. You only have to wave your hand about 6 inches above the sensor and speed will alter accordingly. We admit that we were reluctant to believe this feature is 100% controllable. But after testing it, we are amazed about how well it really works.

We are quite hooked on this feature because we haven’t encountered it anywhere else so far. It turns out it makes speed and incline changes easy and fun.

After buying this treadmill, you’ll see why this model is designed for success. The array of workouts gathers challenging and tough workouts. You’ll definitely get your kicks out of this one. The Killer Hills Program is great for endurance increase and the Weight Loss program will help you lose the extra pounds consistently and comfortably.

The Heart Rate Control Program allows you to control your heart rate with the chest strap that has a built-in receiver which mainly offers the user total control over heart rate settings. Last but not least, up to 9 users may benefit from this machine.

Another key feature, although not unique, is the adjustable cushioning system. You can slide the shock absorbers according to the workout you’re about to start. So, depending on your impact-free target zones, you can adjust the cushioning so that your workouts remain comfortable.

As the cherry on top, the 9.35 motor and frame are insured for life, parts & electronics for 7 years and in-home labor is backed-up for 2 years.This is a great warranty.

So there you go! A powerful treadmill that offers the user total control over its settings.

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