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The Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill is one of their premium treadmills and a runner up for “best buy” of this year. With a solid commercial-grade construction, a running surface above average, a powerful motor and 5 star cushioning system, this treadmill is one of the most notable machines released in 2012, an example of great functionality and advanced programming.

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**UPDATE** The Smooth 9.35 treadmill is no longer available for sale. Check out all of the latest models on our Smooth treadmill reviews page.


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Speed : up to 12 mph Speed buttons are located on the handlebar.

Incline : up to 15 levels Incline buttons are located on the handlebar.

Motor : 4.0 CHP

Belt : 21 in x 62/ 53.3 cm x 157

Cushioning System : Im-Pression Shock Absorption system

Folding Options : not included

Maximum User Weight : 400 lbs/ 181.82 kg

Unit Dimensions : 79 in L x 34 W x 57 H

Unit Weight : 297 lbs/ 135 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 7 years for parts and 2 years for labor


Display Info

The blue backlit LCD display offers feedback information on speed, time, distance, incline, calories burned and heart rate control.

Other buttons available are: Quick keys for speed and incline, Quick start/ pause and Program select. There is also a button for Fan.

Heart Rate Info

You can either check your heart rate by using the handgrips or the wireless chest strap.


Users can choose out of 31 available workouts, of which 8 preset Incline workouts, 8 preset Speed workouts, 5 Speed/ Incline, 4 Heart Rate, 1 fitness test and 4 custom programs.

To start a program, press Program select key, select Program and press Enter. Press Speed +/- to change the program and press Enter. Set time and level by pressing Speed +/ -. Start the workout.

There are 4 HR workouts: Target HR, Fat Burn, Cardio, Performance. Also press Speed +/- to select the desired program. Set time and target heart rate and begin the workout.

To customize a program, press Program Select and press Enter. There are 4 customs for the users to build their own program. Set speed, incline and time and start the workout.

Speed and incline buttons are located on the handlebars.

Virtual Fitness Trainer


SmoothSound Audio system without iPod compatibility


QuickChange Handrail Speed and Incline controls


SmoothAir Two Speed Fan


Transprt Wheels


Water bottle holders


Features Presentation Video from Smooth


As any premium treadmill is supposed to be, Smooth 9.35 Treadmill ranks well in all categories. You get performance, protection and great warranty. Not to mention a wide running surface. Here is why you should check out the 9.35 model before making your purchase decision.


A major advantage of this treadmill is the large running surface. No user should be afraid of falling of the treadmill. No taller user should worry about a longer pace and all users up to 400 lbs will feel comfortable on this belt. Of course, a responsibility this big can only be powered by a monster motor. The 9.35 model incorporates a powerful motor that runs smoothly till the end, no strains whatsoever.

Moreover, a motor this powerful can only be backed up by a matching cushioning system. The patented cushioning system of 9.35 is the perfect match to this heavy-duty treadmill. Even after the most difficult workouts , we feel brand new and fresh, no pain, no strain.

We really like this treadmill. It gives us a stable feeling that has never failed us so far. Moreover, the workouts array is wide enough for all users to satisfy their fitness goals, depending on their fitness level. As a plus, a fitness test is available for avid runners.

The warranty is great, there is also a 2 speed fan to cool off at any time and the console is quite aesthetic. Also, the sound system works like a charm.

Main Attraction

The cool thing about this treadmill is the Virtual Fitness trainer that boosts any user’s performance. It is also a great motivation tool.

Speed and incline buttons are located in the handlebars and I know no runner who doesn’t find this feature a great advantage.

And on top of it all, you also get to check your heart rate wirelessly.


Given all of the above, I see no drawback that may make your reconsider your choice.

To conclude, this $2000 unit is indeed a premium machine. It looks like one and acts like one. We’ve only been satisfied so far which is why we warmly recommend the 9.35 from Smooth.

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Have you run on the 2012 Smooth 9.35 treadmill? How did you like it? Would you recommend it to other runners as a home treadmill?

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