ProForm 7.0 Crosstrainer 2008


UPDATE: This model is no longer available. You’ll find the latest ProForm treadmill reviews here.


ProForm 7.0 Crosstrainer is a treadmill specially designed for those focusing on weight loss. It comes with an iFit Challenge system that ensures you follow a strict weight loss program over a longer time period.  iFit workouts include also eating programs and each program is designed for individual needs.

The 7.0 Crosstrainer comes with a variety of training programs: 24 cross training and 9 personal trainer programs. The cross training workouts focus on lower or upper body. You even get your own virtual coach to assist you. The coach changes speed and incline and asks you to perform a variety of strength-training exercises.

This treadmill is definitely an improved version. It saves you money and offers unique fitness tracking tools.


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Speed : 0-10 mph (0.1 increments)

Inclination : 0-10% (0.5% increments)

Motor : Mach Z 2.25 CHP Commercial

Belt : 20"x55"

Warranty : 12 year motor warranty, lifetime frame warranty and 1 year for parts and labor.


proform 7.0 crosstrainer console

24 Cross Training and 9 Personal Trainer Workouts

iFIT Challenge Training Center

You get monthly exercise & nutrition plans. Each plan is designed to fit your individual needs.

ProTech 3 Adjustable Cushioning

It reduces the impact on your joints by 33% compared to road running. The system is designed to offer maximum protection and perfect balance & comfort.

The following functions and features are also included

Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor, Grafixx Display and Cool Air Fan.


What we love about this model is the variety of training workouts and the iFIT Challenge Training Center. It’s nice to have so many workouts, a virtual coach and a tool to give both diet recommendations and valuable training instructions.

We also appreciate the seamless speed & incline transition. Overall, a very nice experience.

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