Nautilus T616 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T616 - New Model


The Nautilus T616 is the mid-level treadmill in the company’s Performance series, joining the entry level T614 and top of the line T618.

All three offer a wide variety of built in workouts, good cushioning and heart rate monitoring. However, they also lack a solid warranty, which doesn’t inspire too much confidence in the quality of construction.

Still, the Nautilus treadmills remain popular due to all of the unique features that they offer.


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Speed : 0.5–12 mph

Incline : 0–15%

Speed and Incline Controls : Adjust easily on handrails

Motor : 3.0 CHP Johnson Drive System

Belt : 20" x 60"

Cushioning : StrikeZone Cushioning System

Workout Tracking : Nautilus Connect/Trainer App

Supported User Weight : 300 lbs.

Dimensions : 77.2" x 35.2" x 57.6" : 241 lbs.

Warranty : 10 year frame and motor, 2 years mechanical/electronics, 1 year labor

Nautilus T616 Treadmill - Best Features

Nice Amount of Workouts

The most appealing feature of the Nautilus T616, and the rest of the Performance Series for that matter, is the wide variety of built-in workout programs.

The treadmill has a total of 26 workouts, 4 more than the base T614 model, including 6 training, 5 weight control, 4 heart health, 3 intervals, 4 custom, 3 quick and 1 manual.

This gives you plenty of choices, and you can change it up from one workout to the next.

A nice touch is the free chest strap that is included for more accurate heart rate readings. You can also use the grips if you prefer, but the wireless strap will give you a more precise measurement.

Solid Cushioning System

The T616 features an upgraded cushioning system called StrikeZone, a 6 hex cell matrix which provides the ideal amount of support and give to keep you pain free for longer amounts of time.

It’s not as advanced as the Rebound Deck Cushioning on the top of the line T618 treadmill, but it is top-notch, especially for a residential machine.

Nautilus T616 Console - New Model

Bluetooth Workout Tracking

One of the highlights of the Performance Series is the new workout tracking capability.

The T616 and T618 have Bluetooth connectivity (the T614 just has a USB port) so you can wirelessly sync all of your workout results to the Nautilus Connect app, and then transfer that data to your favorite fitness applications.

This is great for those who want to monitor their progress and set goals for themselves, or who want to share their results with family and friends.

Good For Running

The T616 features a large 20″ x 60″ deck, 5 inches longer than the belt on the T614, which gives you plenty of room to stretch out regardless of your height.

It also has a strong motor that can handle even the most intense runs, and the capability of ramping up to 15 degrees of incline to make your workouts more challenging.

So whether you choose one of the many programs, or you just prefer to use your treadmill manually, you can get in a great run with minimal impact.

Other Great Features

You also have a large dual track blue backlit console, easy access speed/incline controls, SoftDrop easy folding capability, transport wheels, acoustic speakers and a 3 speed fan to keep you dry during your workouts.

Nautilus T616 Treadmill Review - Conclusions


The T616 certainly has a lot of appealing features, including the large, well-cushioned deck, lots of workout programs, free wireless chest strap, incline capability and Bluetooth workout tracking.

As far as a home treadmill, it ticks all of the boxes and gives you plenty regardless of your fitness goals.


Although there is so much to like on the T616, we just can’t get past the subpar warranty, especially at this price point.

You only get 10 years on the frame, 2 years on parts and 90 days labor. Compare that to lifetime frame, 5 year parts and 1-2 years labor on most $1000 range treadmills these days and you can see how it doesn’t inspire too much confidence.

Bottom Line

The Nautilus T616 is a decent treadmill with a lot of very good features and more than you get from others in the price category.

However, the warranty is just not great. it’s a little bit better on the T618 model, but even that one still falls short.

If you’re set on a Nautilus, and many people love them, make sure you opt for the extended coverage to give you peace of mind. It’s worth the extra $100.

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