Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T614 Treadmill With Blue Backlit LCD Display


The Nautilus T614 is an enhanced version of the former T514 treadmill, withe more features, better cushioning and additional workout programs.

It is part of the company’s new Performance Series, and is a more compact, more affordable option than the up-level T616 and T618.

Let’s get into our review to see what this new treadmill is all about…


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Speed : 0.5–12 mph

Inclination : 0–12% (increments of 1%) Same as speed incline is changed through preset incline keys and Incline Up/Down arrows.

Remote Speed and Incline Controls : These controls are in fact toggle switches on the handlebars available to adjust Speed and Incline. Incline is controlled from the left handlebar and speed from the right one.

Motor : 2.75 CHP CD This is a powerful continuous duty motor.

Belt : 20" x 55" / 51 x 140 cm This treadmill has a 2 Ply Belt backed by Softrack Suspension for joint protection.

Frame : Steel

Supported User Weight : 300 lbs.

Dimensions : Length: 72", Width: 35", Height 58", Assembled Unit Weight 200 lbs.

Warranty : With this treadmill you receive a 10 year warranty for the frame and motor, 2 years for parts and 1 year for labor

Nautilus T614 - Best Features

Diverse Workouts

The T614 comes with an impressive amount of built in workouts.

You get 22 different programs to choose from, including 5 heart health, 5 performance training, 3 intervals, 3 weight control, 3 quick, 2 custom and 1 manual.

So there’s plenty of variety there to keep things interesting.

(Note that the up-level T616 and top of the line T618 come with 26 workout programs.)

Heart Rate Monitoring

Unlike most other treadmills under $1000, the Nautilus T614 comes with wireless heart rate monitoring in addition to the usual grip pulse that most machines offer.

This gives you a much more accurate reading, and is perfect for the heart health programs that the treadmill offers.

You will need to buy the chest strap separately. (Note that it is free with the up level T616 and T618 treadmills.)

Easy Folding Capability

All of the Nautilus treadmills include the patented SoftDrop folding system, which allows you to fold the machine after use very easily.

This is very convenient, especially if you need to store the treadmill in between workouts.

There are transport wheels as well, so you can easily move the T614 from one place to another.

Goal Track Functionality

The Nautilus T614 has a unique system called Goal Track, something not found on any other treadmill.

All of your workout information is recorded under your profile, so you can see just how well you are progressing over time.

When you hit certain achievements, like longest workout and calorie record, it will light up on the machine to alert you.

This is a very cool feature and helps to motivate you to work harder.

Lots of Extras

You get a lot of extra features and capabilities that you don’t typically get on a treadmill at this price level.

The T614 gives you up to 4 user profiles, USB charger, 12% incline, StrikeZone cushioning, tablet holder, a 3 speed fan and a sound system.

That’s a lot of stuff for under $1,000.

Nautilus T614 Review - Conclusions


The Nautilus T614 certainly gives you more than the previous model, with a good number of workouts and tracking capability to help you reach your fitness goals.

It has a bright LCD monitor, incline capability and can easily be folded and transported.

You have grip and wireless heart rate monitoring and comfort features such as a tablet holder and workout fan.


We just can’t get past the subpar warranty, which has been a real issue with Nautilus as well as its sister company Schwinn.

You only get 10 years on the frame, compared to a lifetime frame warranty you get on most other treadmills in this price range.

So obviously the company does not have too much confidence in the durability of these machines.

Also, the up-level T616 and T618 are much more advanced, with Bluetooth workout tracking instead of Goal Track, larger running decks, more workouts and higher incline levels.

Bottom Line

Now that the Nautilus T614 is a few years old, you can get it for about half the price, which makes it a decent buy.

If you do choose this one, make sure you get the extended warranty to cover yourself.

Consider the T616 and T618 for just a few hundred dollars more…they give you a lot more for your money.

Also look at NordicTrack, Sole and Horizon in this price category, as they update models more often and offer a lot more capabilities.

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