Horizon WT751 (Discontinued)


UPDATE: The Horizon WT751 is no longer available for sale. For a similarly priced model check out the new Adventure 3 review.

Horizon WT751 comes with a special offer, the wireless pedometer. This is what values $1.000, the price you pay for this treadmill if you buy it from Horizon.

We noticed each Horizon Treadmill within $1,000 price comes with a special feature, all around the same theme: goal workouts. The T92 Treadmill has 3 basic goal workouts (read this review here, GS 1040T Treadmill comes with 8 distance and calories goal workouts (read this review here), while this treadmill has the Steps Goal Workouts included controlled through the Wireless Pedometer.

All these 3 treadmills have the same limited motor, basic cushion system with adjustable control, limited speed and incline. The difference is in the workouts each offers. So, if interested in buying a Horizon Machine and you have $1,000 to spend, you can always compare the 3 reviews we’ve done for this price range from Horizon to make a wise choice.

In this Horizon WT751 review we want to confirm if, despite the challenging workout system included, is $1,000 the right value for this treadmill?

Horizon WT751 Specifications

Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 1-10 MPH (1 Touch) Speed can be changed from the up/down arrows with 0.1 mph increments or by choosing a preset value from 1 to 10.

Inclination : 0-10% (1 Touch) Speed actions are available for Incline change too.

Motor : 2 CHP

Belt : 20" x 55" (50.8 cm x 139.7 cm) The belt is backed by an Adjustable cushion system, COMFORTzone Air Cell.

Supported user weight : 300 lbs

Warranty : Same as on all Horizon treadmills within $1,000 price you receive a lifetime warranty for frame and motor and 1 year for electronics and labor.



To change the display, click on the button ‘Display’. Depending on the display option chosen you can see the following info:

– Time in minutes:seconds
– Distance in miles
– Speed in mph
– Approximate number of Calories burned
– Incline
– Pulse/Heart Rate
– Workout Profiles
– Steps taken during the workout
– Progress indicator

Heart Rate Readings:

through Contact Handles

This is the same default feature as on all treadmills. It works if you keep your hands on the handrails for minimum 15 seconds. It’s not the most useful tool and it’s definitely not a medical device, but it’s good for feedback as long as you know your target heart rate value.



1 Manual Workout (this is a time based workout and allows you to control Incline and Speed);

4 Daily Goal Steps Programs based on wireless pedometer

1 Intervals Workout based on automatic speed variations

1 Weight Loss Workout with 10 difficulty levels (incline and speed are automatically controlled)

There are 4 Step Programs: 1,000 Steps, 2,000 Steps, 5,000 steps, 10,000 Steps. First you select your preferred Step Programmed. When you connect the wireless pedometer it counts your steps throughout your day and it sends the final number of steps to the treadmill at the end of the day. Each goal workout has specific incline values for 4 different intensity levels, if you use the treadmill.

The workouts don’t have an individual user profile enabled.

Wireless Pedometer Tips:

The Pedometer can be attached horizontally to your belt, skirt of waistline, but not on the center of your body (place it on the right or left).

When ready, just press Send once and it will show the steps count since last reset. It will automatically go to step count mode in 5 seconds.

To send the info to the treadmill at the end of the day press ‘Send’ for 2 seconds. This takes like 20 seconds.

You can control the Sensitivity of the Pedometer: L1 is for heavy running L2 is for medium jogging or medium walking, L3 is for light walking.

Folding treadmill:

This treadmill is folding, as all the other Horizon Models, through the Hydraulic Lift Assist. This is a heavy machine and you may need a 2nd person to assist you.



This is not a treadmill we can recommend. You can always find better choices on the market at the same price with improved features.

The fact is that the Wireless Pedometer doesn’t convince us to spend us so much money. It is cool to count your daily steps. You can do that where ever you go. When you arrive home at the end of the day you send the info to the console so you can compare your goal to your performance.

Still this is not useful training info. It’s just a gadget in our opinion. So, if you don’t take the wireless pedometer into account, you have a treadmill with only 2.0 HP, limited incline and speed and instable at high speeds due to the little motor power. You have a good cushion system, but it’s not the most perfect combination between motor and belt, so you can use it only for light training and running.

Not to mention that the warranty is poor. You need to invest more to have the extended warranty.

You can always pay $800 for Horizon T92 and you get the same functionality and features, plus you save $200.

In conclusion, this is not a treadmill that could worth the money spend. The technology may worth $1,000 but the results you can have when training on it don’t.

PS: we recommend you read also other 2 reviews for Horizon treadmills in the same quality category, but less priced: read Horizon T92 and Horizon GS 1040T reviews.

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