Horizon T102


UPDATE: This model is no longer available for sale. Check out our latest Horizon treadmill reviews here.


Horizon T102 is a 2010 Model from Horizon priced at $800 on their e-store.

But in fact this model is a copy of the Horizon CT7.1 treadmill, promoted under a new name in 2010. T102 has many common features (especially the same parts quality and warranty) with Horizon T101.

But it also includes additional features like a more powerful motor, better speed and incline, more workouts and the Goal Center.

We have tested this treadmill for a few days intensively. How it went, see in our conclusions.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5-12 MPH

Inclination : 0-12%

Motor : 2.5 CHP

Frame : Steel

Belt : 20" x 55" (50.8 cm x 139.7 cm) The belt is backed by PerfectFLEX adjustable cushion system.

Assembled dimensions : 70"L x 33"W x 58"H (178 cm Length x 84 cm Wide x 147 cm Height)

Supported User Weight : 325 lbs (147 kg)

Warranty : You get a lifetime warranty for motor and frame, 1 year for parts and 1 year for labor.


Led Display:

The display update added above its predecessor’s console (T101) is that this console has a 2 – 4 digit Led display. During workout you see the following info:

– Time in minutes: seconds
– Distance in miles
– Speed in mph
– Approximate number of Calories burned or remaining to be burned
– Incline
– Pulse/Heart Rate
– Workout Profiles
– Goal setting

Heart Rate readings

It’s the same feature as on Horizon T101 or T103, with the same limitations. Find out more details in the Horizon T101 Review.



Horizon T102 includes the workouts you can find on Horizon T101 (manual, intervals and weight loss), plus the goal workouts and hill workout. Read more about the common workouts here.

What Horizon T102 has to offer more than T101 is:

– Hills Workout – this workout simulates hill running up and down by controlling automatic incline and speed for every 30 second interval.

– Goals Center – this feature allows keeping track of results in comparison with the goals set. It’s like an online journal that allows you to track your improvements throughout your training period. Goals can be time based, distance based or calories based.

There are 2 User Profile available for which you can use the Goal Center feature. To see the journal you just select the same user profile chosen at the beginning of the training series.

Sound System:

Same as T101, T102 has only MP3 and CD player input. You have no audio device controls on the console.

If you prefer listening to music on your iPod, see T103 review which includes this feature.


included with on/off controls

Folding treadmill:

Yes, you can fold this treadmill. It comes with a hydraulic lift assist which makes the folding/unfolding process easier. You can do this on your own if you can lift minimum 7 pounds.

But to move it around you still need 2 persons.



Surprisingly this treadmill can take a 2 hour workout. This is confirmed from a marathoner distance runner’s point of view.

Another pleasant surprise was to see that the treadmill can take 2 persons who work out daily without losing its stability.

For $800 price this is a surprise.

But we also noticed that a person who weighs over 250lbs will feel high instability when using this treadmill. If you weigh over 250 lbs (within 325 lbs) you can do only light walking and it’s a must you adjust the belt to the firmest cushion level when you train.

Another minus is the component quality. They are not the best parts and it’s normal for the price paid. So for the warranty included it’s safer and recommended to choose any of the extended warranty options Horizon offers.

The treadmill includes more workouts variety than T101 for example, but some are still useless. We appreciate the Goal Center system which allows you to set goals and review your training journal for a certain period of time. This feature really helps control your body performances. If you don’t have a blog or a diary, Goals Center can replace them successfully.

But the Weight Loss workout is useless. So is the heart rate reader. They don’t have any practical use. We explained why in our description above.

The fan is another unpractical feature. It doesn’t help that much. So we recommend that instead of using this control just open a window.

As we mentioned at the beginning this model is just the same treadmill as Horizon CT7.1 which now is marketed only in Canada, through a retailer.

It also has similar features to Horizon T103 treadmill, a post we highly recommend reading before making a decision. T103 costs more so if you’re just looking for a cheaper model with the same features see Horizon T101 Treadmill review.

The warranty questions if you should make this investment for a long term, not unless you buy extra warranty, which compared to other offers on the market may not worth the money.

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