How Do I Create A Custom Workout on my Treadmill?

Question: How Do I Create A Custom Workout on my Treadmill?

Answer: Most treadmills include the custom workouts option and they can be a useful tool to design your own preset treadmill exercises. It’s a useful feature because a custom workout automatically changes speed and incline for each segment.

We listed below how to set-up the custom workouts for the first time with the brands we’ve reviewed to date. If you need more help, leave a comment or contact us.

On Bodyguard treadmills Bodyguard offers the Learner Program / Custom Program with most of their treadmills. To access this option, go to Settings. If this is the first time you use this program, a message prompting ‘NEW’ should appear on the console. Click the ‘Just Go’ button. Select the desired speed and incline for each of the 20 segments available. When you reach the end, the workout is automatically saved under name ‘CUSTOM x’. If all the slots for custom programs are used, you are notified to modify a previous one. Go to the menu option ‘CUSTOM / LEARNER Program’ to select the exercises you insert and start running.

On Horizon Treadmills: Since Horizon treadmills are mostly low budget machines, only the superior models feature Custom Workouts, such as T203 . If you do have a treadmill that supports custom workouts, this is how you use them: press the buttons ‘Custom 1 or Custom 2’ available on the console. Press ‘Select Target ‘ to enter a a distance, time or calorie total goal. Next you’ll be prompted to select the speed and incline values for 15 consecutive segments. Press Start to begin running.

On ICON Fitness treadmills, like FreeMotion, NordicTrack, ProForm, HealthRider and Reebok , custom workouts can be created with iFIT LIVE module only, but this option refers to Google Maps custom workouts.

On Landice Treadmills Landice offers fully customizable User Profiles workouts that you can access from Menu – User Programs – Select program and click edit. At this point the display shows the first segments settings for speed, incline and duration which you can modify by using the +/- keys or the numeric pad. You repeat the same operations for the next segments. The cool thing about Landice is that they allow you to create custom workouts with up to 20 segments. When you’re finished, press ‘Back’ to preview the exercise and then ‘Start’ to begin the workout.

On Life Fitness Treadmills The latest consoles from Life Fitness feature Custom Workouts for each profile user. To edit the Custom Workout go to User Profiles, Select one Profile and press the USER PROFILES button until you enter the editing mode. Scroll to the option ‘Custom Workout’ and press Enter to start editing. Choose Manual, insert the target time and remember that the console automatically splits the duration of each of the 24 segments based on this total. Next you’ll be prompted to add Speed and Incline for each segment. Press Enter to move from one segment to another. At the end a message ‘Workout Saved’ will display. Go back to User Profile, select the profile and choose the Custom Workout from the list. Start running.

On LifeSpan Treadmills: LifeSpan models, like 3000i and 4000i feature up to 2 Custom User Set-up Programs. Select the User Profile, insert total target time and user weight, then speed and incline for each segment. With Enter you move to the next segment. At the end of all segments, the workout is automatically saved. Press ‘Start’ to begin exercising.

On LIVESTRONG Treadmills: You should have 2 custom workouts named ‘CUSTOM 1’ and ‘CUSTOM 2’ easily accessible from the console. Select one of them and press ‘Enter’. Insert your weight, total time, speed and incline for 15 continuous segments and press Enter after each selection. Press Start and begin exercising. The workout is now automatically saved. If you want to reset the custom workout, press Enter continuously for 5 seconds.

On Nautilus Treadmills: T514 supports 2 Custom User Profile workouts while T516 features 3, with 12 segments each. Go to Program Selection and use the Up and Down arrow buttons to go to Custom User options. Select one profile and push ‘Enter’ to start customizing the total Time. Next you’re prompted to insert custom incline and speed for each segment. At the end of the 12 segments, the workout is automatically saved. Press “QUICK START” to begin the workout. Access the workout later on from Program Selection.

On PaceMaster Treadmills PaceMaster treadmills usually list the custom workouts under the Personal Trainer Programs category. On Premiere Gold the custom workouts from this category are P4, P5 or P6. Select the program and hold the ‘Enter’ button until the ‘Profile’display blinks on the console. On the right you see the duration, speed and incline of each segment. Choose the values you desired and press Enter. You can program up to 50 segments. Press and hold ‘Enter’ when you’re done to save the workout. Press Start to begin the exercise.

On Precor Treadmills: Only 9.33 and 9.35 have 2 Custom programs included in their consoles. Select the User Key, then the Variety Key. The workouts save your preferences for incline and speed while you exercise. Each segment has a predefined length of 1 minute. Subsequent segments repeat the last programmed incline and speed, which you can manually change from the console. At the end of the exercises, the custom workout is automatically saved. You’ll find it listed under User Profile workouts.

On Schwinn Fitness Treadmills: The 840 model features 1 custom user program while the 860 treadmill features 2. Each program has 12 segments. Use ENTER to move between the steps you must do. First, Go to PROGRAM SELECTION, CUSTOMER USER. Press Enter to insert the total TIME. Insert incline and speed for each segment. When you press Enter after the last segment, the workout is automatically saved. Push QUICK START to begin exercising right away. You can find the exercise in PROGRAM SELECTION> menu and use it again or edit it.

On Smooth Fitness Treadmills: Models like 9.35 include 4 custom workouts for one user. If your Smooth treadmill has Custom Preset workouts included in the console, follow these steps to customize them: go to PROGRAM SELECT, choose CUSTOM program and press ENTER. You will be prompted to customize duration, incline and speed for each of the 20 segments. The exercise is saved automatically  when you reach the last segment and press Enter. You can press START to begin running right away, or you can access the workout later on from the same menu.

On Sole Treadmills: Sole treadmills come with User Programs which you can customize to your liking. Go to PROGRAM and choose USER. You should be prompted to give the custom workout a name (you can even choose your own). When you finish inserting the name, click Stop. You’ll be prompted to insert the age. Press UP/DOWN arrows to insert the age. Press ENTER. Next you’ll be asked to insert the weight. Do the same as with age. Next is the total time of the workout. Set and press ENTER. With the Fast/Slow or Quick keys buttons insert speed for each segment. When you’re done with speed, you’ll be asked to insert incline for each segment. Press ENTER to move to the next segment every time. When you’re done, the workout is saved.

On Spirit Fitness Treadmills: User Programs allow to customize workouts. To reach this feature press the USER 1 key (once for user 1, twice for user 2). Insert the age and press ENTER. Insert Weight and press ENTER. Insert total time (minimum 30 minutes) and press ENTER. The first column is blinking. You must insert the speed with the +/- buttons. Insert and press ENTER until you complete the 20 segments. When you’re done with speed, the second column is blinking (for incline). Use the same buttons to insert incline for each segment. When you’re done with this step too, press START to save workout and start running, or press ENTER to go back and edit a previous step.

On Yowza Fitness Treadmills: Use the USER PROGRAM feature to insert up to 3 custom workouts per user (C1-C3). Maximum time you can set for each workout is 60 minutes.Be aware that the program is saving while you’re running. Select one program from C1 to C3 and press Start. Speed starts at 2.0 mph and the incline at 0%. Each segment has 1 minute duration. Press Speed UP/Down to change speed and Incline UP/DOWN to change incline. The next segment will automatically have the previous segment values. You can change them if you want to. When you press STOP, you enter the cool-down mode, but you can skip it if you press STOP again. When you end workout, the CUSTOM SAVE blinks. Press the button to save. Back to top

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