Reebok V 8.90


UPDATE: This is an older model and no longer available. Click on the “See Best Price Now” button to the right to see all of the latest models on sale currently.


The Reebok V 8.90 is a weight-loss machine, built for heavier users who need to lose the extra pounds.

With a diverse array of workouts and the additional iFit feature, the V 8.90 has what it takes to motivate you into consistent weight loss programs.


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Speed : up to 10 mph

Incline : up to 10%

Motor : 2.8 hp drive motor

Belt : 20 x 55 inches/ 51 x 140 cm

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs

Warranty : 25 years for motor, 1 year for parts and labor


Display info

The upper half shows a track of ¼ mile which lights up your current segment. In the upper half you see also the elapsed time, walked or run distance, speed of the walking belt, approximate number of burned calories, pace in minutes per mile and incline.

To get to the information you want, press Display repeatedly. The lower left of the corner of the display shows elapsed time, walked or run distance and incline.

The lower right corner shows the approximate number of burned calories, speed and pace in minutes per mile.

Heart Rate Readings

only handlebars

To monitor your heart rate, grasp the metal contacts. It takes 15 seconds to get the results.


This console offers 14 weight loss workouts and features the iFit interactive feature. To use the iFit feature, you must purchase the iFit cards separately.

To go to a weight loss workout, press one of the Weight Loss Workout Center buttons. After selection, the display gives you duration and the name of the workout. Press Go or Speed increase to start the workout.

For an iFit workout, first you have to insert the iFit card into the console. Press iFit increase and decrease to choose your workout. You’ll get duration and name of the workout. Press Start to begin the workout and Stop to end it. To restart the workout, press Go or Speed increase.

Information Mode

The Information mode keeps track of treadmill’s usage. It allows you to choose between miles and kilometers as units of measurement. To select it, hold down Stop.

Sound System

You can connect whichever audio player you have, including iPods.

Folding Options





The Reebok V 8.90 is a decent choice for those looking to lose weight. It is powerful enough and has attractive multi-features. Still, it’s incomplete from our point of view. And you have to shed $ 1300 for it, while getting a warranty of 1 year for parts. This is not a treadmill that we recommend.

The motor insures consistent workout, and it’s fairly quiet. The cushioning system made our runs quite enjoyable. Not only had we got injury-free training, but also a generous maximum user weight, so that our heavier users can take advantage of this model, especially since it’s mostly designed for those who want to lose some weight.

The good thing about this Reebok model is that it really pushes your limits. Along the 14 weight loss workouts, there is the iFit feature that will complete your array of programs. It’s been quite a challenge to engage in all the workouts available with the 8.90. They helped us reach our goals consistently and efficiently.

The display makes feedback easy to read. Every information has its own corner. And don’t forget this is a blue backlit display, which provides clarity and a large viewing angle.

For iPod enthusiasts, the sound system includes iPod compatibility. You should know the sound system offers a clear sound and strong motivation during those intense workouts.

You can also fold it, to save the space and use it more efficiently.

The disadvantage with this model is that it’s a bit expensive, at least more expensive than other models that offer similar features. You can easily get a better bargain.

And it’s incomplete because for a treadmill designed for weight loss, it doesn’t have: accurate heart rate readings, user profile so you can save your personal information, target heart rate programs so you can lose weight efficiently.

Also, for this amount of money, you would think the warranty makes it all worth it. Still, 1 year warranty for parts doesn’t seem that convincing. It doesn’t really ease our concerns.

All in all, check out other similar priced models that come for lower prices and with a satisfying warranty package.

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