Spirit XT385


The XT385 by Spirit is a worthy competitor in the $1500- $2000 range. It’s cheaper than the extended 485 and more expensive than its predecessor, the XT285. It has a convincing range of user-friendly features and a powerful motor to go along. But you should also check the XT285 unit, if you’re not the kind of users who is triggered by larger, better, stronger, wider features.


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Speed : up to 12 mph

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3.0 HP

Belt : 20 x 58 in/ 51 x 147 cm

Cushioning System : 6 Cushions

Folding Options : included

Maximum User Weight : 375 lbs/ 170 kg

Unit Dimensions : 78 in x 36 x 56/ 198 cm x 91 x 142

Unit Weight : 264 lbs/ 120 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame, motor & deck, 10 years for parts and 1 year for labor


Display Info

The 7.5 in Blue Backlit LCD offers feedback on time, distance, speed, elevation, calories, pace, altitude, laps, segment time and heart rate.

The dot matrix center display indicates each segment of your workout as you work out. The 1/ 4 mile track is displayed around the dot matrix display and also indicates your progress.

The handrail buttons disable switch helps you use the length of the handrails to their max without fear of activating speed or elevation buttons.

Heart rate readings

Either use the handrail contacts or the included wireless chest strap to check your heart rate.


The XT385 comes with 7 preset programs: Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, and 2 Heart Rate, 2 user defined programs and 1 Manual program.

To select a program, press desired Program key and Enter. You can now program your workout or start with the default values. Next, you insert your age, body weight, time and speed.

If you’re into intensity challenges, you should know that Interval workouts take you through high levels of intensity followed by recovery periods of low intensity. Cardio enthusiasts are usually fond of this program.

To use User programs, select User 1 or User 2 and press Enter. Once again, enter age, bodyweight, your speed and time.

Heart Rate Profile

This feature offers a quick reference of your percentage compared to the max projected heart rate.

Cooling Fan


Speakers with Smartphone Compatibility


Handlebar Adjustment Keys



The XT385 is a good treadmill, great even. It surely exceeds the features found on lower-end units, so you may be quite satisfied with this purchase. Still, The XT385 is quite similar to the XT285, and XT185 also. But if you focus on the 385 and 285, you’ll see that the differences are quite minor. Still, extra 3% incline may be a good enough reason for some users to spend the additional $300. It is of course a matter of choice. Anyhow, we recommend the XT385 for its quality features.


The XT385 definitely brings some goodies to the table. The motor is just perfect for walking and jogging. It runs smoothly and steady. But if you have the blood of a runner, you may need extended power. 3.0 HP it’s usually not enough for avid runners. Compared to 285, it’s only 0.25 hp stronger, which is not extraordinary.

The rollers definitely add up to a smooth and quiet treadbelt functioning. They are larger with 0.25 than XT 285, which is OK, but still not worthy of + $300.

The running surface is generous enough to accommodate most users. It’s a bit longer than the 285 and shorter than 475. Otherwise, this treadmill division wouldn’t make any sense, right? Right.

The workouts are diverse and cover a wide area of requirements. The cool thing is that up to 2 users may create the workouts of their dreams, with personal age and body weight values also.

Up to this point, we’re quite fond of the XT385. Especially since you get to cool off with the fan and also connect your Smartphone to listen to your favorite tunes. The warranty is quite convincing, but still, other similar units are insured for life as far as motor and frame are concerned.

Main attractions

But wait, that’s not all. The Heart Rate % Profile offers a quick reference of your percentage compared to the max projected heart rate. How cool is this, especially if you’re into cardio?

A wireless chest strap is also included, which is a blessing for users who enjoy a nice Heart rate challenge.
Incline and speed controls in the handrail area are no longer a wonder, but even so, they are as useful as an umbrella when it’s raining.


Is there anything wrong with this unit? Maybe, if you exceed 300 lbs. I know that the official description encourages users up to 375 lbs to make the purchase, but here is my advice. Don’t. The 385 is not as powerful as necessary to support weights exceeding 300 lbs.

Also, if + 0.25 hp, + 0.25 roller length, + 3% incline and a slightly longer belt sounds appealing to you, you should definitely consider the XT385. If not, the XT285 may be just as good for you, for – $300.

All in all, the XT385 is a good machine, it does the job nicely, smoothly and sometimes quietly. Definitely a notable unit.

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