New Horizon Treadmills Hit the Market in Fall 2019!

Horizon 7.4 AT - New 2019 Treadmill

We just got word that there will be two new Horizon treadmills released towards the end of 2019 right in time for the holiday rush. They will be part of the mid-range Advanced Series, joining the popular 7.0 AT treadmill that was introduced earlier this year.

The 7.0 AT has a lot of great features and has been selling pretty well for the company, so it looks like they are building on this popularity with two additional models that are ever more advanced.

Let’s take a look at the Horizon Advanced Series treadmills…

So you have the current 7.0 AT that we mentioned, which is a step up from the Starter Series, which includes the popular T101, T202 and Adventure 3. Those are great treadmills too but they are more for beginners and those who don’t work out that often.

The 7.0 AT has a 3.0 CHP motor, a generous 20″ 60″ running deck, a 7.8″ Blue LCD display, 15% incline capability and five built in workout programs. It’s perfect for joggers and runners who want a bit more than an entry level machine.

At the time of this writing the 7.0 AT cost about $999 on sale.

What about the new Horizon treadmills?

The two new models are called the 7.4 AT and the 7.8 AT. As you move up in the series you’re going to get more features and capabilities. Here’s what we know about the new machines so far…

Horizon 7.4 AT

The 7.4 AT will be the mid-level treadmill in the series, a bit more advanced than the 7.0 AT but not quite as advanced as the 7.8 AT. It has a stronger 3.5 CHP motor, a wider 22″ x 60″ deck, a larger 8.35″ LCD display and 10 built in workout programs, twice what the 7.0 AT offers.

It has the same Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to stream classes, watch movies and TV shows, but adds the unique Sprint 8 workout program to the mix, an exclusive interval training workout that helps you burn fat and build muscle in only 20 minutes.

The 7.4 AT is looking to price around $500 more than the 7.0 AT at about $1499 when it’s on sale.

Horizon 7.8 AT

The 7.8 AT is the more exciting of the two new releases, as it has high-response toggle speed and incline controls, similar to what Peloton does with their digital classes. That makes it ideal for classes where you need to make quick adjustments up and down to follow along with the instructor.

It improves upon the 7.4 AT’s specs as well, with an even more powerful 4.0 CHP motor, a stronger 22″ x 60″ deck, a larger 9.3″ TFT display and a media control center, among other added bonuses.

Of course you get Bluetooth connectivity for streaming, and the Sprint 8 workout program just like the 7.4 AT.

The Horizon 7.4 AT is looking to be only $300 more than the 7.4 AT at $1,799 on sale.

So should you buy one of the three Horizon Advanced Series treadmills?

It’s definitely worth considering one of these treadmills, as Horizon always gives you a lot of bang for the buck. If you want to stay under $1,000, then the 7.0 AT is going to be the one for you. It’s a nice upgrade to the Starter Series, and has a lot of interesting capabilities.

If your budget is more open, we would probably spring for the 7.8 AT as it has the most powerful motor and most advanced display, along with the cool toggle speed and incline that those who stream classes will really enjoy. It’s only $300 more than the 7.4 AT and we believe it is well worth the additional expense.

If you are more of a beginner, and you do more walking and jogging workouts, you may be just fine with one of the Starter Series treadmills…the T101, T202 and Adventure 3. They cost less than the Advanced and Elite Series, and give you everything you need for a solid workout.

If you’re more of a serious runner, or there are multiple users in your house on the treadmill on a regular basis, then it’s worth looking into the Elite Series treadmill, which is Horizon Fitness’ top-end residential lineup. Those are built to take a pounding, with stronger motors, more durable construction and more advanced cushioning.

Interestingly though, the new 7.4 AT and 7.8 AT actually have some features that even the Elite Series don’t. That’s sometimes the case with newer models, so you may be better off with one of those. It’s just a matter of comparing them all to see which one appeals to you.

You can check out our Horizon treadmill reviews section to compare all of them. And if you need some help you can always contact the Run Reviews team.

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