2018 Treadmills – The Latest Models, New Features & More

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 - 2018At this time of year we like to look ahead to see what the new year will bring. How will 2018 treadmills be different than this year’s lineup? Is there any new technology or trends that we’re anticipating? What will manufacturers be focusing on? Well, here’s what it looks like so far….

Workout Tracking Will Continue to Grow

If you checked out any of the year’s best treadmills, you may have noticed that almost all of them, save for the least expensive ones, offer the ability to track, sync and share your workout results. The cheaper ones may have a USB port, the better ones have Bluetooth capability to wireless sync to your favorite workout apps.

The most popular of these programs is iFit Coach, found no NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills, with goes way beyond tracking your workouts and gives you tons of additional programs, Google map destinations, nutrition information and more. Johnson Fitness offers ViaFit workout tracking…Sole offers Bluetooth tracking and the SoleApp…Schwinn has SchwinnConnect.

Most of the more popular brands currently offer the ability to monitor your workouts so you can see what kind of progress you are making. And with more and more apps coming out each day, we’re sure this trend will continue with 2018 treadmills.

Touch Screens Will Be Found on More Treadmills

As the technology improves and becomes more accessible, you’re going to find more and more touch screen displays, even on the less expensive treadmills. Several years back, treadmills with TVs were the trend…but they were just too expensive and the TVs were never great. Manufacturers started to realize that touch screens were a more viable option. They started on the most expensive treadmills, but in 2017 you started seeing them on the mid-range models.

Companies currently offering touch screen displays include NordicTrack, ProForm, Horizon, Vision, Matrix, Life Fitness, TRUE and Precor, among others. You can find touch screens with internet capability in the $1000 price range now, and 2018 treadmills might even offer them in the lower price ranges.

Cushioning Will Improve to Reduce Impact

Manufacturers realize that one of the biggest selling points for a treadmill is the cushioning. Whether you are a beginner, you’re rehabbing an injury or you are an elite runner, proper cushioning is key to an effective, pain-free workout. many big brands upped their cushioning game in 2017, and we believe 2018 treadmills will continue this trend.

NordicTrack offers FlexSelect, Runner’s Flex and Reflex cushioning that allows you to choose your ideal firmness. Sole has their patented Cushion Flex Whisper Deck that reduces impact up to 40%. Horizon has the Variable Response cushioning. Matrix has the Ultimate Deck System.

Companies will continue to upgrade their belts to provide more support and minimize the impact that jogging and running can cause. This will keep you on 2018 treadmills longer without the typical pain or soreness.

Console Options For Customization

Although this is typically seen on club quality brands like Matrix and Life Fitness, we’re seeing more console options available for treadmills these days, and this should continue into the new year. Some people like the extra bells and whistles, others just want something more basic.

More treadmills in 2018 will come with customizable consoles, so you can pick the one that most appeals to you without having to pay extra for features you just don’t want or need. Companies are realizing that one size fits all does not apply to treadmills.

More Hybrid Machines on the Horizon

We saw a number of hybrid machines out there in 2017, which are two or more machines in one. In addition to the Bowflex TreadClimbers, which have been around for quite some time, you had the ProForm HIIT Trainers, Sole Striders, Cybex Sparc Trainers, and a number of other combination machines.

These hybrid machines are becoming popular because they allow you to target more muscle groups than you would with a traditional treadmill, making them very appealing. There will likely be more of these machines that combine a treadmill with an elliptical, stepper or bike.

So those are the 2018 treadmill trends we see at the moment. There aren’t any notable new models on the market as of yet, but that could certainly change. We will keep our eyes out and let you know if we find anything new and exciting that you need to know about.

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