What’s the Best Treadmill with a TV Screen Built In?

Treadmill With TV Built InIf you’re looking for a treadmill with TV included, you might be surprised by what you find. Several years back, there were a number of different models to choose from, but due to technical issues and high costs TV treadmills have been phased out for the most part. Taking their place are treadmills with touch screens, some of which give you the ability to not only watch your favorite shows but also surf the internet, update your social pages, watch movies/videos and do anything else you like to do online.

Some of these newer machines can interact with your own TV to show HD videos of various locations to simulate running outdoors. For example, Horizon Fitness has Passport Player, with the treadmill and your own TV syncing together to create a true outdoor workout. The incline changes automatically to match the terrain that is on the screen in front of you.

But the concept of a treadmill with TV built in is essentially a thing of the past and has basically been replaced by treadmills with touch screens with varying capabilities. Some show tracks, some have videos, some have internet capability, some have apps. It really depends on the brand, and the technology is improving every year.

Still dead set on having a treadmill with a built in TV? Let’s see what your current options are….

Current Treadmills With TV Built In

Landice Vision System - Treadmill with TV1. The Landice Vision System – One of the few manufacturers that still offers an actual TV on the treadmill is Landice, a long-time leader in the higher end market. It’s a 19″ widescreen HDTV LCD screen that can be added as an option when you order either the L7 or L8 treadmill. There are HDMI and coaxial inputs as well. The cost is about $800 or so, on top of the $4,500 + price tag. So it is a bit expensive, especially given the fact that you can buy a bigger/better TV separately for that price.

2. Star Trac S and 8 Series – Another high end brand mostly for commercial use, Star Trac treadmills come with the PVS (personal viewing system) as an option, giving you a TV attached the treadmill on top of the different console options. Like with Landice, these treadmills are very expensive, starting at about $5000.

3. Freemotion 890 – This one has been around for a while, and is one of the less expensive treadmills with TV included. This Freemotion treadmill has a 15″ HDTV as well as a touch screen with internet, and is currently available for under $1500.

That’s about it currently, so you can see how limited the market is. You can either go with a commercial brand like Landice or Star Trac or buy one of the older models from Freemotion or NordicTrack is you can find it.

So should you buy a treadmill with TV included?

In our opinion, you are much better off with a treadmill that has a touch screen with internet, which gives you much more to work with than a TV. If you must have an actual TV, you can purchase a very good one these days for just a few hundred dollars. Do that, mount it on the wall in your gym and you are all set. It will be bigger and better than any TV you have attached to your treadmill, and work a lot better as well.

As we mentioned, some of the best treadmills, especially the more expensive ones, will give you nice sized HD touch screens with internet browsers, training videos, tracking and sharing capability, fitness apps and much more. So everything you need to make your workouts more enjoyable is right there in front of you. And the technology is getting better and better every day.

Your best options for touch screens include NordicTrack in the mid price range and Matrix/Life Fitness in the high end range. The touch screens cost more than the LCD displays, but they give you so much more to work with.

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