Landice L9 CLub Series


We had the opportunity to explore the Landice Club L9 Pro Trainer at the same time with the L7 Cub Executive trainer at our friend’s Gym. Landice L9 can be purchased with any of the 4 different consoles we mentioned in the previous review, so we recommend you take a look at that too.

For this review we used the Pro Trainer console. There are many details to share about the L9 Club Pro Trainer, after testing it. The most noteworthy of all is that the amount you have to pay for this treadmill’s features and quality is correct (around $3,500).

If you look at the machine specs before you have a chance to try it for real, you will notice that Landice Club L9 stands up as a resistant machine built to take long hours of continuous and intensive training, to ensure protection over joints and knees, and offer entertainment features that are both useful and pleasant.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5 to 11.0 mph, On the Pro Trainer console the buttons are easily accessed to change the speed by simply pressing on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons.

Inclination : 0% - 12% Grade Electric Elevation, For the ProTrainer Console, same as speed, incline is controlled through the 2 ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons located on the console.

Motor : 4-HP Continuous Duty Motor, For all Landice treadmills, the motor is built so that it resists to intensive training and all components integrated have the purpose to prolong the treadmill’s life.

Belt : 20" X 63" Four Ply TreadBelt, The difference between the L7 Club treadmill and the L9 Club treadmill stands in the belt size. For L9, the belt is longer, but the qualities of Landice treadbelt remain the same for both club versions: it doesn’t overstretch, reduces friction, prevents overheating and it’s smooth and comfortable to joints and knees.

Steel Rollers : 3- 1/2’’ diameter, 22 – pound, Due to treadmills larger size, L9 Club rollers are larger and weigh more than L7 Club version. Landice uses the same quality and specifications: Large rollers to assure less friction and this way preserve the treadmill’s life.

Size and weights : 32" x 82", 425 lbs.

Warranty : Landice offers 5 years Commercial Warranty for Club Series Treadmills (L7 and L9), plus Lifetime warranty for Treadmill Frame, Treadmill Parts and Wear Items and 1 Year for Service labor.


L9 Club Treadmill supports a user weight of 500 pounds (100 lbs more than L7 Club version).


Aluminum Frame

Same as on the L7, for L9 Treadmill, Landice uses aluminum frames because aluminum doesn’t rust; this material makes a treadmill lighter and more resistant to larger weights.

1-inch Thick Reversible Deck

The Landice deck ensures a minimum 3,000 hours usage before being changed. For high usage, Landice SlipCoat is applied monthly so that the life of the deck (and treadbelt) is preserved for a longer period of time.

VFX Shock Absorption System

VFX guarantees a 5 times softer running experience than running on grass. Landice promotes the VFX as an absorption system designed to significantly reduce the impact over joints, but at the same time maintains a realistic outdoor feel. The shock absorption system is also orthopedic by reducing the impact over joints, knees and also any injury probability. This makes running comfortable and pleasant (very important especially to those who train intensively and daily).


Landice offers 2 options for each L Series Treadmill color, including the Club Series: Titanium and Matte Texture Black.

Optional: The Landice Vision System

This is a 12” video display with side-loading DVD player and TV tuner. The Landice Vision System is optional on all treadmills and comes with a 1-year warranty. It includes a full function remote control, plus a Coaxial Cable Connection Jack for plugging in the TV cable.

Optional: Landice WalkStation

– It’s easily adaptable to any newer style residential or commercial Landice Treadmill.

– Allows securing a laptop notebook computer to the reading rack with the LapStrap computer strap.

– Adjustable TreadMouse mouse pad and multi-function Phone Dock.

– Adjustable ErgoKey keyboard tray which slides and is removed easily.

– Allows mounting up to a 24-inch computer, monitor, or TV on the optional VESA-D compatible mounting bracket.

– Allows connecting the iPod using the optional iPod Audio/Video cable


The display is very easy to use and includes also user-defined programs. Detailed console features are:

a. Displays Time, Distance, Speed, Elevation, Calories, and Pace

b. Displays data in English or metric configurations

c. Includes 5 Built-in programs with variable time and unlimited effort levels

d. Includes 2 User-defined programs

e. Optionally you can choose an AccuTrack contact heart-rate monitoring system

f. Optionally you can choose a wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system



During our tests, we had the option to train on a L9 Club Pro Trainer treadmill with both optional entertainment modules installed: the Landice Vision System and the Landice WalkStation.

It was a real pleasure having the chance to use the Landice WalkStation in particular. With this module, we could connect our laptop, and even have a keyboard installed to take care of urgent business matters. We did not consider it, because we usually do not take work at the gym. I did connect my iPod, and played a movie on the Vision System Screen to enjoy myself while working out. This is not something neither of us generally does either, but the quality of video and sound of the Landice Vision is so clear, that we could not resist the temptation.

For the Pro Trainer console, we wished we had more programs to choose. Only 2 custom programs and only 5 built in… this variation is much more limited than we are usually accustomed trying. I guess that if you want to have more, you can with Landice, only that you need to pay for a more expensive Panel (see the L7 Club review article for more of your options).

Speaking of other options, we looked over the price offers and we know that the L9 Club Cardio Trainer Treadmill is listed at around $5,000, the L9 Club Pro Sport Trainer version at around $3,800 and the L9 Club Executive Trainer the same as cardio, at around $5,000. Plus, you can have the Landice WalkStation at around $350.

The price of the L9 Club Pro Trainer we tested was $3,500, without optional modules. The price is high in comparison with other treadmills on the market, but this is (and we confirm) a professional runner’s treadmill. When it comes to comfort and resistance, this piece of equipment is impressive. Landice is known for quality, therefor, quality must be paid for.

The L9 Treadmill is made for tall persons, and its size does not allow storing it in a regular bedroom. It needs its space to be stored.

In conclusion, it felt right to be on the Landice L9 Pro Trainer Treadmill, even though the Pro Trainer panel is pretty poor in features in comparison with other Landice Panel Options. The heart rate optional control systems do the trick, so choose them if you have this machine in mind for your gym/home too. For more information, you can visit the official page.

Pro Trainers and Gym Owners should look at this option too. It is worth the money.

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