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I do not think we ever mentioned this, but one of our best friends has his own Gym. He has been helping us with testing most of the treadmills we review on this website. Again, he has given us a hand to test 2 of the nicest treadmills we have been working with so far: Landice L7 and Landice L9 Club Series. I promise you will love these reviews, so I suggest you read the full post.

This review focuses on the Landice L7 Club Treadmill features, but we also list the 4 Control Panel options available and which Landice offers with any of the L Series Treadmills (Residential Treadmills and Commercial Treadmills).

We tested the L7 Club Commercial treadmill with the Executive Trainer Panel. After this experience, we searched all the details we could learn about all the panels Landice offers. It would be a significant loss not to share with you at least some of the details we know about Club Treadmills, but also about the L Series in general. We believe that you will have a lot of useful information to extract from the details below. Please, continue reading.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5 to 11.0 mph, Each available Landice control panel has its own specific speed control key. See below detailed speed control options for all 4 available control panels.

Inclination : 0% - 15% Grade Electric Elevation, The elevation motor ensures that even a person with the maximum supported weight (400 pounds) can use the elevation system at maximum level, and have the same smooth feeling as a 100 pound person.

Motor : 4-HP Continuous Duty Motor, The motor is designed to work long hours without overheating.

Belt : 20" X 58" Four Ply Treadbelt, A 4 ply treadbelt means strong resistance at high usage. It is built to not over stretch after long workout sessions (a cause which usually for other types of treadmills implies replacing the belt after 1 year of intensive training). It is also designed to ensure a low friction level between the belt and motor; therefore it ensures a longer life for the treadmill.

Steel Rollers : 2- 1/2’’ Diameter, 14 Pounds Weight, Large rollers provide less friction and this way the life of the treadmill is cautiously preserved. L7 Series rollers weigh 14 pounds which helps to make running workouts smooth. Landice rollers are sealed with polyurethane gaskets, which serves to the same purpose: prolong the life of the machine.

Size And Weight : 32’’x77’’, 300 LBS

Supported User Weight : 400 pounds.

Warranty : Landice offers 5 years Commercial Warranty for Club Series Treadmills (L7 and L9), plus Lifetime warranty for Treadmill Frame, Treadmill Parts and Wear Items and 1 Year for Service labor.


Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frames don’t rust; they make a treadmill lighter and more resistant to larger weights.

1-inch Thick Reversible Deck

Considered one of the strongest in the industry, the Landice deck ensures a minimum 3,000 hours usage before being changed. This applies for all treadmills in the L series. For high usage, like the club treadmill, Landice SlipCoat is applied monthly so that the life of the deck (and treadbelt) is preserved for a longer period of time.

VFX Shock Absorption System

VFX guarantees a 5 times softer running experience than running on grass. Landice promotes the VFX as an absorption system designed to significantly reduce the impact over joints but at the same time maintain a realistic outdoor feel. The shock absorption system is also orthopedic by reducing the impact over joints, knees and also any injury probability. This makes running comfortable and pleasant (very important especially to those who train intensively and daily).


Landice offers 2 options for each L Series Treadmill color, including the Club Series: Titanium and Matte Texture Black.

Optional: The Landice Vision System

This is a 12” video display with side-loading DVD player and TV tuner. The Landice Vision System is optional on all treadmills and comes with a 1-year warranty. It includes a full function remote control plus a Coaxial Cable Connection Jack for plugging in the TV cable.

L Series Control Panels: 4 Options For Any L Series Model


Executive Trainer

features a computer-animated video display with high quality designed graphics. The panel includes:

a. Personal data and statistics storage for five family members

b. Numeric keypad with Quick-Speed and Quick-Grade controls

c. 6 Built-in programs with variable time and unlimited effort levels

d. 5 User-defined programs

e. Time, distance, and calorie goal programs

f. 6 fitness tests: Balke, Firefighter, Army, Navy, USMC, USAF

g. 2 Built-in heart-rate monitoring programs

h. 4 User-defined heart-rate monitoring programs

i. Standard wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system

j. Standard AccuTrack contact heart-rate monitoring system


Cardio Trainer Control panel

features a 2 color hi definition display. The panel includes:

a. Numeric keypad with Quick-Speed and Quick-Grade controls

b. 5 Built-in programs with variable time and unlimited effort levels

c. 5 User-defined programs

d. Time, distance, and calorie goal programs

e. 3 Fitness tests: Balke, Firefighter, Army

f. 2 Built-in heart-rate monitoring programs

g. 2 User-defined heart-rate monitoring programs

h. Standard wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system

i. Standard Accutrack contact heart-rate monitoring system

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Pro Sports Trainer Control Panel

has the same display as the Cardio Trainer Panel (2 color high definition) but without the heart rate control programs. Wireless chest-strap, heart-rate monitoring is included. AccuTrack contact monitoring is optional. The panel includes:

a. Standard wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system

b Optional Accutrack contact heart-rate monitoring system

c. Numeric keypad with Quick-Speed and Quick-Grade controls

d. 5 Built-in programs with variable time and unlimited effort levels

e. 5 User-defined programs


Pro Trainer Control Panel

has an easy to use display with user-defined programs included:

a. Displays Time, Distance, Speed, Elevation, Calories, and Pace

b. Displays data in English or metric configurations

c. 5 Built-in programs with variable time and unlimited effort levels

d. 2 User-defined programs

e. Optional AccuTrack
contact heart-rate monitoring system

f. Optional wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system


After reading all the above interesting details about the features and functions of the L7 Club Series, I am sure you want to know also some info about pricing.

What you should expect to pay for all L7 Club options is this: L7 Club Cardio Trainer ($4,000 – $4,300), L7 Club Executive Trainer ($5,500 – $5,800), L7 Club Pro Sports Trainer ($3,500 – $3,800) and the L7 Club Pro Trainer ($3500 – $3,900).

Our running experience did not disappoint us. The L7 Club Executive Trainer which we put to work was, in fact, very smooth, and it was a true delight playing with the high definition colorful display. Changing speed and incline is extremely easy to do. Plus you do not feel rough flounces while intensifying the workout.

The drive motor is powerful and silent, so it is easy to delight yourself with a pleasant conversation with your running partner (if your breathing allows you to).

The warranty is excellent. Still, we looked more attentively and noticed that there are loopholes you must be aware of before you request services under warranty. Be sure you read those closely.

We played with all workouts included in the Executive Panel. Yes, you have a lot of variety and the different animated location scenery shown on the display make the running experience a lot of fun.

You have a lot of results charts to look at, and it includes also a calendar. Overall, the treadmill very fun to use.

We had also the Optional Landice Vision System. This is a TV screen multi task and high def resolution. You might already know our opinion about a TV screen, so you can understand why we highly appreciate this being an optional module for all Landice treadmills.

You do not need to pay a lot of money on a TV screen just to have the treadmill running functions you want to but cannot without the TV. From our point of view, this should be an optional function for all treadmills.

After testing the L7 Club Executive Trainer, we put in balance if it is worth investing all this money in this treadmill.

L7 Club Executive Trainer is definitely a PRO machine. What we tested confirmed that the treadmill is resistant and powerful, orthopedic, it includes complete functions, features and workout reports, it’s fun and yet still very practical. Plus it comes with a great warranty.

But.. TOO expensive! So no, we would not invest that money ($6,000) for this option. We would definitely buy the cheaper version, the L7 Club Pro Trainer!

For more details, check the Landice website.

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