Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 3-in-1 Machine


The Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 is one of two unique cardio trainers first introduced a few years ago. These machines have become quite popular over the years, giving users the ability to burn a lot of calories without having to run or spend large amounts of time working out.


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Speed : up to 4 mph

Belt : Two treadles: 14.5 inches max from floor

Heart Rate Reading : Pulse grips

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs.

Unit Dimensions : 57″ L x 31.5″ W x 59″ H

Warranty : 2 years

Tracking Compatibility : NA


Great For Non-Runners

For those of you who would prefer not to jog or run, the TC100 gives you the ability to burn a lot of calories (up to 2 1/2 more than on a typical treadmill according to the company) by simply walking on the machine. This is a big plus for many users. The max speed on the TreadClimbers is just 4 mph. Obvious, if you are a runner, this is not the machine for you.

Compact Design

At only 57″ long, the TC100 is quite compact, making it ideal for home gyms. At its highest, the two independent belts, called treadles, will only be 14.5″ from the floor. So to figure out whether this machine will fit in your home, add the height of the tallest user to 14.5″, then add a few inches of clearance space. It also comes with transport wheels for portability.

Workout Tracking

Both new TreadClimbers give you the ability to track and monitor all of your workouts through BowFlex Connect. This is a great way to see what kind of progress you are making and set goals for yourself. The TC100 gives you two different user profiles so both can store all of their information.

Other Appealing Features

The TC100 has a new interactive LCD display, a charging station with USB, a redesigned media shelf, Quick Start option and a rear platform for easy entry.


For Walkers Only

Although you can get a great workout on this 3 in 1 machine (treadmill, elliptical, stepper) as we mention above it has a max speed of only 4 mph. So if you prefer to jog or run some of the time, you are out of luck with this machine. A traditional treadmill allows you to walk, jog or run so there is more diversity.

No Tracking Capability

Although you can track your workouts via Bluetooth on the up-level TC200, the TC100 does not have that capability.

Poor Warranty

As with all of the Bowflex machines, the warranty on the TC100 is only 2 years, which is sub-par for such an expensive machine. But user reviews have been quite positive on the TreadClimbers and customer service seems to be better than with most companies. So hopefully you will not have any issues with your machine.


The TreadClimbers have been very big sellers for Bowflex, and the new and improved models are likely to be even more popular due to their advanced features and capabilities. Take a look at the new TC100 model and see if it’s the right choice for you.

Also compare it to the TC200 which is more expensive yet has better features, more tracking/monitoring technology built in and a wireless heart rate monitor included.

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