Hill Workouts On A Treadmill

If you got bored doing the same workouts or you just want to improve your fitness level you should try doing hill workouts on a treadmill. This implies you start using one of the most important treadmill features: incline. The hill workout is nothing more than an exercise that mimics walking real hills.

Hill workouts challenge and improve your cardiovascular system but at the same time they lower the impact on knees and hips. This is an exercise perfect for those who don’t like running or those who like training at lower speed. Another big advantage of the hill workouts is a lower injury risk. Plus it’s more comfortable for runners with knee problems.


When you do the hill workout you can seriously improve your health so this is highly recommended to be part of your training routine. But keep in mind you also need to avoid the same mistakes regular treadmill users do:

Remember that slow is ok. Better do the exercise correctly and walk a mile less than go a mile extra with an incorrect posture.

Don’t hold onto the handrails or console.

Don’t over stride.

Have a correct posture.

Use you feet and Arms.

Challenge yourself.

In the end you need to know there are no drawbacks when doing the treadmill hill workouts. Some people say hill exercises give you big calves. This is false. During the exercise you feel the calves working harder than other muscles but that doesn’t mean muscles swell up in any way.

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