Mistake No.3


Overstriding is something many of us do and that is because we’ve never learned the correct and proper walking stride. This is a bad habit and all who prefer running workouts need to correct it in order to train properly.

You overstride when your front heel hits the ground in front of your body. We do this incorrect move when trying to walk faster. The correct move is when your front heel strikes close to your body and your back foot remains on the ground for a little longer to give the push off power. By doing this correctly you burn more calories and you walk faster.


We usually start overstriding when we train with taller persons that have a longer stride. Try to remain focused and remind yourself that the power is on the back foot.

When you train you may need to shorten your stride and take shorter steps. Start focusing on the back foot and try to get a good push on every step. If you do this every treadmill session you will get used to it and little by little you will correct this mistake.

Also bend your elbows a bit more and let your hand fall downward toward your hips. Holding hands too high tends to make you bounce and overstride. Learn to run as if you are on a very hot surface. Reducing time spent in contact with the soil/ treadbelt often improves running mechanics, reducing overstriding for runners.

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