Smooth 9.45TV 2009


UPDATE: This model is no longer mass produced by Smooth. Browse through our Best Treadmill section to find a treadmill that you can afford and performs up to your expectations.


All runners know what joints pain is. We all feel it at one moment or another. But even if we succeed to cure this awful pain, what can we do so that it doesn’t reappear?

A proper training machine with the right belt and cushion system can make your joint pain never return again.

Smooth 9.45TV is one of the treadmills that have installed a hydra suspension with 12 levels of adjustments dedicated to preventing joint pains.

And this machine doesn’t do only that. The programs installed are dedicated to developing primarily the lower body muscle groups like: shoulder, calf, pectoral, rapacious, bicep, tricep, abdominal, back, forearm, gluteal, quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

This treadmill is rated at $2500 (and this is not a cheap price) but for those who can afford it the features and functions it comes with may worth the investment.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed: 0-7.2 mph : Speed can be changed with the UP/DOWN buttons from the console.

Inclination: 0-15% : The inclination is changed through the UP/DOWN buttons. There are 15 incline levels the machine supports.

Motor: 3.0 Continuous Horsepower Motor : The motor is quiet and powerful backed by a lifetime warranty.

Running Belt: 20" x 60" : The belt size is enough to support tall runners and allow them a comfortable run.

Worm-gear Elevation Motor: 1000 thrust : The elevation system is backed by a powerful motor.

Steel Frame : In comparison with aluminum frame, steel has less strength and supports less user weight. It’s heavier but it’s resistant to rust.

Supported user weight : 400lbs (182 kgs)

Warranty : Lifetime for parts and electronics, 2 years for in house labor and 1 year for the TV/LCD screen.



Motion Control

This is a pretty cool feature. Motion Control allows to wave the hand, like 6 inches above the motion sensors positioned on the handlebars to increase/decrease speed. The sensor makes a BEEP every time speed is changed. It allows changes by 0.1 MPH or 0.5 MPH per second.

The left sensor slows down the treadmill.

Right sensor speeds up the treadmill.

Both sensors stop the belt.

Hydra Suspension

The machine allows the user to change suspension according to his preferences. The suspension knobs can be turned to the right to stiffen the suspension or to the left to soften. The numeric values are one to twelve. One is the softest setting and twelve is the firmest.

Wireless Heart-Rate Control with Belt & Transmitter

This feature is correlated to the Heart Rate Control program. The transmitter reads the heart rate (through the chest belt) and correlates it to the Heart Rate Targeted Zone Table inserted in the Panel.

The Heart Rate program will allow you to go from a level of the workout to another only if you reach the minimum targeted heart rate for your age and weight.


Nine Storable User Profiles

It allows saving up to nine profiles information like: age, weight and target heart rate information for instant access. The user profile comes with a unique code which you select every time you start the treadmill.

Six Preset Programs

– Quick Start/Manual Program

– Killer Hills – you choose from 12 levels and adjust the incline during the workout. An increase/decrease in incline occurs every two minutes with this program

– Interval Speed Program

– Weight Loss Program with 12 levels of intensity (a combination between speed and incline)

– Self-Learning/Competition

– Heart Rate Control Program – This program consists of a Warm-up, Main Program and Cool Down. The treadmill determines a preset maximum target heart rate based upon your sex, height, weight and age, or you can adjust it to whatever maximum target workout rate you want.

15" LCD TV with Coaxial and RCA connections and it includes

– Power LED

– Change TV channel up or down.

– Volume up and down to adjust speaker

– Remote to receive remote control signal.

– TV/AV options

– Menu OSD to change: brightness,
contrast, color and TV function
Optionally you can buy: the extra speaker, headset and remote control.

It’s worth mentioning also: the Safety Key Stop and English/Metric conversion


First of all make sure you buy the treadmill with the Delivery Option that includes delivery where you want to position it and assembly by their technical team. It’s worth the extra money you pay for this option instead of consuming A LOT of energy and time to do it yourself. The machine is big, heavy, it comes with many small parts and it has a pretty complicated User Manual.

When you start using it for the 1st time you feel very comfortable. The unique features that come with it (like the sensor based speed control) or the heart zone targeted system reading give you that pleasant sensation of exploring something new. It’s pretty cool.

The 9 user profile feature is very useful especially for large families that use the same treadmill.

The motor is silent and powerful. Incline and speed work very well in the parameters allowed. And the cherry on the top is the hydro suspension with the 12 levels that allow you to control the softness of the belt. This is the feature that Smooth Fitness sustains it cure joint pain. We tested this machine only for 10 days and indeed we didn’t experience any pain so we don’t argue with this.
Regarding the LCD Screen, this is pretty nicely positioned and offers good audio and video quality. Again, we would prefer only an iPod dock but for those who look to have this kind of entertainment in a treadmill, this one works pretty well.

What we don’t like so much is the poor number of programs included. But it compensates with the very nice Heart Rate Program.
In conclusion if you compare the price with the features of Smooth 9.45TV Treadmill, this is pretty high. And don’t believe the 50% discount marketed on the internet. This is a $2,500 machine for sure (if not a little less).

This would be a treadmill we recommend for those with a large space to store, with a passion for ‘new’ technical features and with the money to invest.

**UPDATE** This model is no longer available for sale.

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