Smooth 7.6 HR Pro 2010


UPDATE: This model is no longer being sold.

We had the chance to review the Smooth 7.6 HR PRO Treadmill back in 2009 and that was a really nice experience. Still, for the price it came with at that moment, we expected to have much more included.

In 2010 we were offered the chance to re-test this treadmill and we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

Especially because now we have much more experience and during the last months we reviewed other famous brands which offer treadmills in the same $1500+ price range.

We will remind below the technical features of this treadmill. Check the conclusions to find out more about our opinion.


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Speed : up to 11.2 mph

Incline : up to 15 levels of incline

Motor : 3.0 CHP

Belt : 20" x 60"

Maximum User Weight : 400 lbs

Total Unit Weight : 310 lbs

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and electronics, 2 years for in-home labor


Display info

This model will offer feedback on time, distance, calories, incline, speed, heart rate. The console includes certain features that make workouts so fluent and easy to adjust. There is a Scan/ Hold button that allows you to switch between time, speed, pulse, distance, calories and incline level. You can also test your fitness with the Fitness Test function.

After completion of every program, the Cool Down feature will be activated for 1 minute.

Heart Rate Readings

You can either use the handgrip pulse monitors if you find it convenient. Or you can go for the chest strap that will make target heart rate programs so much easier to complete.


The Smooth 7.6 HR Pro includes differentiated preset programs to choose from: the Target Time program, the Target Distance program, the Target calorie program, the Interval Incline program, the Interval Speed program, the Weight Loss program, 5K, Heart Rate Control program.

You can also go for a customized program if interested.

Press Speed Up/ Down to set the speed. Press Stop/ Enter to save the setup and press Start when you decide to begin the workout. Also, use Incline Up/ Down to set up incline. Press Speed Up/ Down to set the target calories.

For the Target Heart programs, remember that the factory target heart rate is 85% of the maximum heart rate. Press Up/ Down to adjust this setting according to your own fitness needs.

When you want to engage in your own personalized workout, you can choose out of 3 customizable programs. The maximum time for each program is 60 minutes, followed by a 1 minute Cool Down.

To create your own workout, select between C1 and C3 and press Stop/ Enter. Press Start. Press Speed Up/ Down to alter speed and press Incline Up/ Down to change the incline. Press Stop/ Enter to enter the 1 minute Cool Down. Press Custom Save to save the newly created program. You can always edit the previously created workout.

Folding Options- Included

Just one switch will elevate the machine into the upright position.

Transport Wheels- Included

Use these wheels to transport the machine from room to room.


The Smooth 7.6 HR Pro is one of the best treadmills Smooth has ever produced. Our first experience is backed by this second one. If we can consider the technical specifications of the treadmill’s components, we can recommend it to any runner and to all those users who want to stay in shape.

Still, if you count the advanced features now available on the competitive treadmills and the minimum entertainment features that even $1000 models have, Smooth 7.6 HR PRO disappoints.

Let's talk about advantages.

First off, don’t worry about the space this unit covers, because you can easily fold it thanks to the incorporated switch that makes the treadmill fold itself. This is great since the machine weighs 310 lbs.

Secondly, you’ll get a powerful motor that holds up amazingly well. The 11.2 mph is more than what most runners need. And the 15 levels of incline really add up to this treadmill’s capacity of fulfilling high fitness Cardio goals.

The running surface is great for taller users who need the long treadbelt for a comfortable workout. The cushioning system is also worth mentioning. It really reduces the impact on joints and back and insures injury-free training.

The display is easy to use and user friendly. Not only you can easily manage the display features, but you’ll also get feedback on the most important details simultaneously.

The array of workouts is the same as other models, 9 preset programs and 3 customizable workouts, but the attraction is that the console provides the space for up to 9 user profiles, which is above average.

And the warranty is more than tempting. Lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and electronics and 2 years for in-home labor make this machine a keeper.

This is obviously a machine built to last. But, the same features you have on a Schwinn 860 which costs less.

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