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In 2010 we reviewed the first version of the Smooth 6.75 (click here for the older review). For a 2010 model, the machine performed extraordinarily well.

When we heard that an improved 2012 version was released, we had to try it. This review sums our experience with the Smooth 6.75 2012 Treadmill.


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Speed : up to 10 mph The 6.75 features QuickChange Hand Rail Speed Control, located on the handrails.

Incline : up to 15 levels There is a handrail control for incline change, easy to use.

Motor : 3.0 CHP

Belt : 20″ x 60″/ 51 cm x 152 cm

Cushioning System : Im-Pression Shock Absorption

Folding Option : SmoothDrop Folding Frame

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit Dimensions : 78″ L x 34″ W x 15″ H/ 198 cm L x 86 W x 38 H

Unit Weight : 231 lbs/ 105 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and 2 years for labor.


Display info

The ViviClear Blue Backlit LCD display offers feedback on speed, time, distance, incline, calories burned and heart rate control.

Before starting the program, insert your gender, age and height for personalized reports.

Buttons functionality consists of Incline and Speed up and down arrows, quick keys for incline and speed, a Quick start button and a Fan button.

Heart Rate Info

Use the hand grip monitors or the included wireless heart rate strap.


The 2012 Smooth 6.75 treadmill version comes with 15 programs of which 1 Manual, 3 preset Incline, 4 preset Speed, 3 Combination, 1 Heart rate, 1 Fitness Test and 2 Custom programs.

How it works:

First, sync your My Smooth Virtual Fitness Trainer USB device and then plug it in. There is also a Cool down program that activates when the programs reach 0.

To start a Target program, Press Program Select key to select Target and then press Enter. Set time, distance and no of calories you want to burn. Press Start.

To choose out of the 10 preset programs, Press Speed +/ – and choose the program you want to pursue. To start the Fitness Test, press Program select and select the Fitness Test. Set begin speed and press Start.

My Smooth Virtual Fitness Trainer is easy to use and it’s mostly effective for users who want to achieve their goals fast by creating custom workouts.

Smooth Sound audio System with iPod Compatibility


Smooth Air Two Speed Fan


Transport Wheels


My Smooth Virtual Fitness Trainer

This feature helps users assess their fitness level, create workout programs, track vital stats, read results and track their performance over a given time. It is a 2012 feature that you can find only on the latest models.


2012 is a good year to lose those extra pounds and to tone those abs you’ve been worrying about lately. Seems like Smooth is also in this target range. The 6.75 treadmill, improved for 2012, is a requited proof of better, faster and stronger. This is a machine we recommended to all runners who aim for an 1 hour daily workout in the comfort of their home.

Compared to the 6.75 model, released in 2009, this new entry adds new options and a Virtual Fitness Trainer that makes sure there’s no way you can ditch training.


If you’re looking for quiet and prolonged operation, here is a tip: the 2012 6.75 is powered by a 3.0 CHP motor that is backed up by a circuit board, often found in commercial units. So don’t worry about changing speed and incline as often as you want. This machine has it all under control.

By now, you should be thinking about keeping yourself safe, since you’ve got the motor covered. No need to wonder too much, because the cushioning system is one of the best. It definitely took the fatigue off of me, after long and intense workouts. The main concern when talking about treadmill workouts is whether the cushioning is able to help you land smoothly and push-off firmly. But on the 2012 6.75, this concern is history.

Users keen on losing weight will be happy to know that they can enter age, height and gender for a more accurate calculation of the calories you lose. Plus, this unit is packed with some interesting preset workouts, but also a Fitness Test and 2 custom workouts.

Working out on the former 6.75 had its limits, there were no custom workouts which is always a drawback, especially for avid runners. Well, this improved version allows you to create your own programs.

Of course, you may need some extra motivation to keep you going. A top notch audio system will definitely keep you running. We’re not that interested in thrills such as sound systems and whatnot, but this one is really good. It did bring a certain enjoyment to the table. And it’s quality, too. iPod fans should be happy to hear they can plug in their gadgets and hit it off.

Controlling speed and incline while holding the handrails is one of the most inspired innovations in treadmill technology. The 2012 6.75 checks this feature too.

When workout is finished, you simply fold the treadmill and place it vertically somewhere it doesn’t take the space. Don’t worry, it’s not too heavy, and if it is, it’s not of your concern. Just slide the unit on the transport wheels.
The warranty is not bad at all, actually it inspires me extra confidence.

Main attraction

Main attraction Of course, we’re talking about the Virtual Fitness Trainer. Be it for creating your own workouts, tracking your performance over a given period of time or simply keeping up motivation and confidence, this virtual trainer can comply. And it’s easy to use too. Just plug in the USB you get with the purchase and log on to the Smooth website.

And for full satisfaction, the 2012 6.75 treadmill comes with a wireless chest strap (same as the older model). Cardio enthusiasts should be cheering by now!


I can’t really think of any drawback, given the price range.

For a $1200 treadmill, the 2012 Smooth 6.75 treadmill is way ahead many of its competitors. Walkers, beginner runners, average runners, sprinters, marathon enthusiasts, users fighting with extra weight, they can all benefit from this unit. It rates well in all categories, programming, functionality, safety and space-saving. We recommend it to anyone who feels this treadmill fits their needs.

4 Responses to Smooth 6.75 2012

  1. jake tortorice says:

    no directions on how to set age and weight

  2. admin says:

    @Jake – welcome to our reviews. I sent you by email the directions. If you need more help, let me know.

  3. jake tortorice jr says:

    runs fine. has a little squeal when running, but as for the installation, i was not impressed. the screw holes not many were tapped out right. some did not match up with the screw and hole.

    jake tortorice jr

  4. Julie says:

    How do I find the 9 programs? I can only find Manual, Intervals, and Weightloss, but the workout options don’t change.

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