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UPDATE: As of 2016, only the 830 and 870 remain. The 860 is no longer available. Check out the latest models by clicking on the button to the right.

The Schwinn 860 is the superior model of the home Schwinn treadmills series. Its alternative is the Schwinn 840.

From our point of view, the Schwinn 860 is an optimal choice for a various range of runners, from those who want to stay in shape to marathon runners.

Read more about this model below to discover if it is the right treadmill for you…


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Speed : 0.5mph/0.8kph - 12mph/19.3kph

Inclination : 0%-12%

Motor : 3 CHP (CD)

Belt : 20" x 58" / 51 x 147 cm This treadmill has a Softrak suspension deck that doesn’t fail in reducing impact. After our personal tests, we concluded that this treadmill is comfortable to both joints and heels.

Support User Weight : 300 lbs/136 kg

Dimensions : Assembled: 78" / 198 cm L x 34" / 86 cm W x 54" / 137 cm Assembled Weight: 211.6 lb / 96 kg

Warranty : This treadmill comes with a 10 year warranty for frame and motor, 1 year for electronics, 2 years for parts and 90 days for wear parts.



The display of this console is similar to the Schwinn 840 version. You have the same LED display, and during workout the same feedback is shown.

The console is user friendly, and although not incorporated with an advanced Display technology, it’s easy to control before and during exercise.

Heart Rate

Through Contact Handrails and Wireless Chest Strap

Heart Rate reading through the WireLess Chest Strap is very important for the Heart Rate workouts. With this tool, your target heart rate will be monitored, and your weight loss workouts will prove their efficiency faster than you can imagine.

Pay attention to how take care of the chest strap, after each use. Clean it and keep it safe, as it’s probably the easiest and the first piece of the treadmill to brake.


– 3 Course Workouts
– 3 Circuit Workouts
– 3 Pursuit Workouts
– Calorie Goal Workout
– 5K Course Workout
– 10K Course Workout
– 3 Custom User Program Workouts
– Target Heart Rate (HR) Workout
– 65% Max HR Workout
– 75% Max HR Workout
– 85% Max HR Workout

Same as on the Schwinn 840, you can program workout settings.

Program Setup

– Same as on the Schwinn 840 you set-up some of the programs settings. We recommend reading the manual for detailed step-by-step instructions.

User setup

– This control allows inserting your age, weight and sex.

This treadmill also offers exclusive workouts, according to the heart rate percentage. Heart Rate 65% Program calculates a heart rate goal of 65% of your maximum heart rate according to your own information (age, height, weight, sex). The Heart Rate 75% Program does the same thing considering 75% of your maximum heart rate. The Heart Rate 85% Program is designed for the same functions, according to 85% of the maximum heart rate. These workouts are ideal for those who want to lose weight efficiently and receive correct feedback!


The treadmill has a 3-speed built-in fan especially created to make your workouts comfortable and effective.

Folding treadmill

In order to fold the treadmill, first you have to unplug the power cord and turn off the power switch. Then put your hands bellow the support bar of the back of the walking belt, and lift the deck all the way up. You have to make sure that the hydraulic lift is correctly locked.

Pay attention to the locking mechanism; make sure it is properly locked.

Sound System

Not included


This treadmill impressed us. Yes, we admit it has been a great pleasure exercising on the Schwinn 860 Treadmill.

This is not a fancy machine. The console is pretty straightforward (basic display, accessible control buttons), but the options included have everything you need for a complete workout.

This treadmill is designed to be a home training machine for users with various heights, weights, ages or deck preferences, which makes it an optimal choice for multiple users.

The 3.0 Horsepower motor engages in durable workouts. It guarantees effectiveness and continuity: the maximum speed and incline are easily controlled. Plus it is a quiet machine, no matter how fast or high you go.

A great advantage of this treadmill is that it offers a various range of settings that you can manipulate according to your needs. Being able to customize the settings according to your personal features directly enables the possibility of engaging in the right training for your body. Every body is different and has unique needs. It is highly relevant to adjust the workout equipment to your own needs. This is what we highly appreciate at Schwinn. They offer complete weight loss workouts (especially with the Heart Target Workouts).

The Heart Reading may not be 100% accurate, but it is close to the real values, and it is useful during the Target Heart Rate training. Plus you get the chest strap which leaves your hands free while monitoring your heart rate.

There are still some disadvantages that you must consider. The warranty is poor, especially for electronics, and these are the parts that wear out the fastest. You do not have any labor warranty, so all assembly and parts changing must be done by you.

The machine is heavy. It will be hard to move or fold/unfold. You do have the hydraulic lift assist included which helps during folding/unfolding process.

Workouts are pretty difficult to understand without using the manual. Although you have a large variety of pre-set programs, they are not accurately explained from the console. We tried to share some info with you above. If you need additional help, you can always leave a comment.

You can check out all of the available Schwinn treadmills at Amazon where they carry a number of models at the best prices you’ll find on this brand. If you do purchase one please let us know your thoughts so that we can share them with our readers.

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