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UPDATE: The Schwinn 840 is no longer being produced but you might be able to find a few left for sale online. The current lineup consists of the 830 and 870. You can check them both out by clicking on the box to the right.


The Schwinn Brand is owned by Nautilus Inc (who owns also Nautilus and Bowflex brands). Nautilus is well known in the fitness industry, and their equipment is used all over the world.

Schwinn has only 2 treadmills on the market: Schwinn 840 Treadmill and Schwinn 860. We tested both, and it was a very pleasant experience.

Schwinn 840 makes a good purchasing decision for those who want to have a safe home training machine. A first asset of this treadmill is the Softrak suspension which makes exercising safe, effective and durable.


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Speed : 0.5mph/0.8kph - 10mph/16kph You also have preset values available by 1-Touch: 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%

Inclination : 0%-10% Same as speed you have also 1-Touch options: 2, 4, 6, 8

Motor : 2.5 CHP (CD)

Belt : 20”x55” (51 x 140 cm) As well as Schwinn 860, this treadmill incorporates a Softrak suspension deck system to reduce impact on joints. At the same time this system ensures comfort and safety during exercise.

Support User Weight : 300 lbs/136 kg

Dimensions : Assembled: 74" / 188 cm L x 32" / 81 cm W x 54" / 137 cm Assembled Weight: 285 lbs / 129 kg

Warranty : This treadmill comes with a 5 year warranty for frame, 10 years for motor, 1 year for electronics, 6 months for parts and 90 days for wear parts.


Display Info

When it comes to compare Display functions, Schwinn 840 and Schwinn 860 are similar. Both have LCD Displays and the same Control Buttons on the console: Preset Speed Keys, Speed Up/ Down, Enter/ Reset, QuickStart, Fan Button, Stop Button, Profiles/ Courses, Incline Up/ Down, Preset Incline Keys.

On the LCD display you will constantly see:

– The name and profile of the program
– The progress of your workout (follow the dot-matrix area divided into 12 segments per workout)
– Total Time (maximum value is 99:59, then it resets)
– Distance
– Incline
– Pulse
– Estimated amount of burned calories
– Speed/ Pace time (shows kilometers per hour or miles per hour for 10 seconds and the pace in minutes per mile or per km for 10 seconds).

The console is user friendly because you can easily adjust settings: program selections, time settings, incline, speed, fan, Stop, Pause or Fnish. When the console is in Ready Mode, press Quick Start to start the manual program.

From the console you change also the measurement unit by pressing Metric button for kilometers display and English Imperial for miles display.

Heart Rate

Through Contact Handrails

Monitoring your heart rate is very important to track down the intensity of your workout. But remember this is just a feedback tool, not an accurate medical device.

Compared to Schwinn 860, this treadmill doesn’t have the Chest Strap option for Wireless Heart Rate reading. The Chest Strap is a good choice for those who want to have their hands free and use this feature at the same time.


– 2 Course Workouts
– 2 Circuit Workouts
– 2 Pursuit Workouts
– Calorie Goal Workout
– 5K Course Workout
– 10K Course Workout
– Custom User Program Workout
– Target Heart Rate (HR) Workout

This treadmill offers 16 workout programs, of which six different courses, calorie goals, 5K and 10K courses, one program based on heart rate control and you can also create and save custom workouts. These are the best workouts we tested because the console allows you to enter your personal information (age/weight/sex), this way your results will be accurately displayed during exercise.

See below how to control Workouts Settings:

Program Setup

For each program, setup the settings as described below:

– Press Courses/ Profiles to go to Program selection Menu. Use Up/Down to browse the program and press Enter/ Reset when get to your selection;

– Go through each step of the program setup, press Enter/ Reset or press Quick Start to go to Workout Mode. This mode will use default values for elements that are not specified in the program setup.

User Setup

– Press Enter/ Reset to start the setup

– Use Up/ Down to set your Age and press Enter/ Reset for record (you can choose from 13 to 90)

– Use Up/ Down to select Height and press Enter/ Reset (the available range is 4:03- 6:07/ 130- 240 cm)

– Use same Up/ Down buttons to select Weight and press Enter/ Reset

– Use Up/ Down to select your Sex and press Enter/ Reset

The display will give you the name of the first available program. Browse through the Program Selection to select the desired program.

When you want to pause your workout program, press Stop. To restart, press Quick Start. When there is no activity for 5 minutes, the console will go into Ready Mode without saving any information.

You may want to save your data before finishing your workout. To do that, you have pause and push Enter/ Reset and then hold for 3 seconds. When the console shows the data, press Stop for 3 seconds to go to Ready Mode.

The Calorie Goal Workout allows you to set the amount of calories you want to burn during workout. Press Quick Start for the default calorie setting (500 kcal) or Enter/ Reset to set up the calorie aim.

The 5 K and 10 K programs allow you to set your distance goal for your workout.

You can also opt to create your own personalized workout, by setting your own values for Time, Speed and Inline. The console will record your customized settings for future workouts.

There is also a program based on your heart rate, the Target Heart Rate profile. The program calculates a heart rate according to your personal information. Press Quick Start to use the default time period and the heart rate or press Enter/ Reset to adjust the program. Use Up/ Down keys to adjust the Target BPM value. Also use Up/ Down to adjust Time settings.

This program provides good workout, but it is fair to say that the Schwinn 860 has three more Heart Rate based workouts which gives you more power of choice.


3 Speed Levels

Folding Treadmill

Compared to how powerful this treadmill is, it only measures 74 inches in length, 32 inches across and 54 inches high. The SoftDrop System helps folding the treadmill up to a small size, only 39 inches in length, which leaves you free to store the treadmill anywhere you want it placed.

Sound System: Not Included


We truly enjoyed training on this treadmill. It was a pleasant experience, and although we would have expected much less from a $1000 machine, it turned out we were wrong.

Schwinn 840 Treadmill is a powerful choice. It is smooth to walk on, which mostly resides in the Softrak suspension deck that reduces impact on joints. The Softrak Cushion technology is a superb asset.

Schwinn also offers products that include adjustable settings. The quick accessibility of these settings on the console is clearly a plus. We love this feature.

At the same time, this treadmill is also surprisingly quiet. From our point of view, this is an effect of the powerful motor (2. 5 CHP). On the other hand, the superior model Schwinn 860 is better fit for competition training (it comes with improved motor, speed and incline).

We especially enjoyed using the workouts on this treadmill. After a long research, we finally found a treadmill that has all the settings needed to exercise properly. Before starting a pre-set workout, you can insert your age, weight and sex. Based on these details, the treadmill counts calories burned more accurately.

We recommend the Target Heart Rate workout, although using handles during exercise is not comfortable. Even so, you must know that if you use the Heart Rate readings, insert your profile settings and start exercising, you will have a successful combination.

The fan is not the best, and you have no entertainment features. These are not a deal breaker. It is more efficient to invest in few features that matter and last for a long time, than to invest in many features made of poor quality that break easily. Schwinn knows this.

The treadmill is heavy. But both Schwinn 840 and 860 use a Hydraulic system for folding/unfolding which ease the process for you. Still you may need some help, especially when you want to move the treadmill.

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Schwinn 840 Treadmill as a strong and powerful treadmill for home use.

If you have a Schwinn 840 experience to share, write us.

5 Responses to Schwinn 840

  1. Scott says:

    I got this treadmill a little over a year ago. It is a piece of junk!! I have had to replace the motor three times now. Each time they send me a new motor. that is where the fun begins because you get to install the new one. I just put a new motherboard and motor last month and it lasted one whole month before blowing out. Stay away from this garbage!

  2. admin says:

    @Scott, it’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Actually, it is the first time I’ve heard such unpleasant things about Schwinn. While you are under warranty, you should ask for a full treadmill replacement. Sometimes brands offer a new treadmill to replace a faulty one, like yours. Keep us posted on the progress.

  3. Read the Reviews says:

    Dear Admin,

    This cannot be the first time you have heard such unpleasant things all over the internet. I am currently shopping for a treadmill, and almost every review of this product is horrible. This is really unfortunate as I have a Schwinn elliptical trainer which is great, and I was hoping to purchase a treadmill that matched in appearance.

    Instead of defending against negative reviews, maybe Schwinn should accept the criticism as constructive and go back to the drawing board.

  4. admin says:

    This review was published 4 years ago and for that time this machine worked beautifully. In 2008 this was the most bought home treadmill. The one we tested then still works perfectly. We’ve heard the bad stories from people who have purchased this model and the 860 in the last couple of years, but we haven’t confirmed such a bad experience ourselves. If you’re looking for a treadmill under $1000, try LIVESTRONG, SMOOOTH or YOWZA.

  5. Tet says:

    I have worked on almost every make and model of treadmill on the market as well as many makes of home gyms. I can say that this treadmill and most products by Nautilus Inc are just at the OK level and i would recommend you stay away unless your buying used and at a very reduced price. Schwinn products have very poor welds and I have had to repair many frames. I rate them just slightly above Icon Fitness and in many way I compare the two for there poor product standards and over advertising.

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