Sole Introduces Studio, A Digital Fitness Platform Competing Head to Head With iFit and JRNY

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Sole Fitness, one of the top names in home fitness equipment, has unveiled its latest offering, an on demand app service powered by Studio. The partnership with Studio, a leading brand of fitness technology, allows Sole to take a big step up and puts them on more even footing with their competitors, including NordicTrack’s iFit and Bowflex’s JRNY.

With Sole Studio, users can access over 3,000 on demand workouts that vary in length from 5 to 60 minutes, so whether you need a quick break or a want a more comprehensive workout there’s something for you. Sole Studio is available on all of Sole’s cardio machines including treadmills, cycles, rowing machines and ellipticals.

Though Studio started out with a focus on treadmill workouts, its partnership with Sole has allowed the app to branch out to include a first of its kind cardio workout for ellipticals. The elliptical classes are a particularly unique part of the app as they are the first to combine cardio workouts on the elliptical with strength-based training off the machine for a full body workout.

Other interesting features of Sole Studio include a real time community leaderboard and the ability to connect and follow members with “tribes”, so that you can keep pace with others in real time for extra motivation. Users also have the ability to join in classes for all skill levels with some of the world’s best instructors and even redeem FITCOIN for prizes. New classes are added daily so there is plenty of variety to suit all interests. You also have access to a wide range of playlists to make your workout more enjoyable.

One of the big areas where Sole Studio stands out is the accuracy of your data. Studio is the first open platform to combine real time metrics from your Sole cardio equipment with detailed heart rate metrics so you can keep track of your progress every step of the way.

Of course, since fitness equipment can be a significant investment cost is particularly important when considering any app and Sole Studio stands up well to the competition in terms of price. A free 30 day trial is included with all Sole Fitness treadmills and after that it costs $19.99 a month or $199.99 a year. Sole Studio equipped products are available at retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods or online at

At a glance, Sole Studio is certainly on a par with most of the other popular fitness apps currently available, earning particular high marks for availability on all of Sole’s equipment and for its innovative inclusion of elliptical workouts.

How Does Sole Studio Compare to iFit and JRNY?

It’s worth taking a closer look at how the Sole Studio app stacks up against its two biggest competitors, NordicTrack and ProForm’s iFit and JRNY, found on the new Bowflex treadmills. All offer a variety of classes, guidance from expert instructors, and the ability to work out both on and off of your equipment for a full body workout experience. Sole Studio and JRNY offer a wide range of music playlists to help take the boredom out of exercising, while JRNY also gives you the ability to stream your favorite movies or TV shows on popular apps like Netflix and Hulu.

Both iFit and JRNY also provide automatic adjustment by the instructors to help tailor your workout to your personal needs. JRNY scores particularly high marks on this count with its personalized adaptive workouts that assess your fitness level, abilities, time available and even your mood and your preferences from the available selection of workout types to recommend workouts for you.

iFit is a bit more pricey, but you get your money’s worth with the ability to engage in a range of workouts, from running and cycling to cross-fit and strength training as well as yoga and recovery programs to help you cool down and stretch. You also get live classes, something the other two do not offer. World-class instructors provide guidance, whether in studio classes, in real world settings from around the globe or even in their own homes. You even have the ability to text your trainer and get a real time response.

The trainers will automatically adjust your speed, incline and resistance depending on your performance and you have the ability to override the adjustments at any time.

JRNY and iFit both offer multiple user profiles with one family membership, which means every member of your family can get a workout tailored to their own needs with no extra expense. When compared with some of the best workout equipment on the market, that makes for a gym level experience in the comfort of your own home.

JRNY is comparable to Sole Studio in price, with a $19.99 a month/$149.99 year cost, while iFit is considerably more expensive at $39.99 a month. A 30 day iFit family membership is included with the purchase of NordicTrack equipment while Bowflex offers a more generous 1 year JRNY membership with the purchase of their equipment.

What’s the Bottom Line on Sole Studio?

With the pandemic making it harder to get to the gym, more people than ever are turning toward home workouts and the top brands of fitness equipment are answering that call. To get the most out of your workout you need a state-of-the-art fitness app that provides plenty of useful features. With the introduction of Sole Studio, Sole has combined its great cardio equipment with the latest in interactive technology, to offer a wide range of workouts tailored for your specific needs. This exciting addition has taken Sole to the next level helping them to give the competition a run for their money and giving you even more options for getting the workout you want at a price you can afford.

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