Most Influential Runners

Last week we launched a new section on our blog dedicated to Most Influential Runners. The runners you’ll see on this list are only some of all those who deserve recognition for their inspirational lives.

Through our journey to create this website we have had the chance to discover amazing runners. Some of these runners have become dear friends of ours and they all have our respect and appreciation for making running one of the most desired pleasures in the world.


We started this project with the intention of spreading the word about the amazing people we’ve got the chance to discover and meet so far. But they are so many we didn’t know how to choose who should be on the list and who not. In the end we decided to dedicate this section to all those who from out point of view have had a tremendous influence on other people’s lives.

Through our blog we want to make their voice a little louder and tell the world that they’ve proven everything is possible (or nothing is impossible).

So, if you know someone that should be on this list just send us an email. And if you want to spread the word about some amazing runners, use the Most Influential Runners support Badge you can take from here.

Thank you all for your example and positive influence! Keep running! RunReviews team supports you! PS: Check also the 101 Running Tips section.

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