Matrix Fitness Enters the Residential Treadmill Market

matrix logoAs of the summer of 2016, Matrix Fitness, a leader in the commercial exercise equipment market, has entered the residential market, with a whole new lineup of treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes for the home user. This is great news for those who can appreciate, and have the budget for, high-end cardio equipment, as it gives them another option besides Life Fitness and Precor, probably their two biggest competitors.

For those who are unaware, Matrix is the commercial brand of Johnson Health and Fitness, the second largest equipment company in the world, behind ICON, and manufacturers of two of the most popular treadmill brands, Horizon and Vision. Matrix treadmills are found all over the world, in health clubs, hotels, universities and rehabilitation centers, and are known for their high quality, durability and unique design technologies.

Now, the company is bringing their stellar reputation to your home with 4 new residential treadmills. There are two folding models, the TF30 and TF50, and two non-folding models, the T50 and T70. All of these treadmills feature the same solid construction and ergonomic design that the commercial models have, including maintenance free decks, Ultimate cushioning, strong motors, incline capability and heavy max user weights.

There are also three different console choices on every machine, so you can choose the one that most appeals to you. The basic console is an LCD display, and the two others are touch screens with internet capability and app integration for workout tracking.

Matrix is known for their innovative technologies, features that make your workouts more effective and more exciting. You get Sprint 8 Interval Training, Virtual Active HD training videos, ViaFit workout tracking, Passport TV capability and the solid Johnson Drive system, among other great capabilities.

Keep in mind that these treadmills are expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for here. The cheapest model is the folding TF30, which will run you about $2399 on sale with the basic console. The step up T50 model is $2599, then you have the non-folding TF50 at $2699 and the top of the line T70 at $3599.

That is right in line from the prices you’ll find from Life Fitness and Precor, and in many ways the Matrix Treadmills have them beat…certainly in the technology/console department to be sure.

We’re excited here at Run Reviews to see how these new treadmills are received in the marketplace. Horizon has been very popular in the entry level market, and Vision in the middle-end market…now with Matrix in the high end market, Johnson Health & Fitness seems to have everything covered!

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