Livestrong Fitness Passport Set Top Box

**UPDATE** Johnson Health Tech is no longer selling exercise equipment under the LIVESTRONG name. However, Passport is still available on Horizon, Vision and other Johnson brands.


Did you ever postpone your daily workout because you didn’t feel like running on a treadmill belt? Or better yet, did you give up on running because you’re not that into the technicalities of a treadmill?

I feel you…

The problem is, in today’s world, we don’t get to run in the woods, just before going to work. Even the park seems like a utopia.

Luckily, treadmill producers thought of a way to offset this major drawback.

What does Passport Set Top Box mean?

For instance, Livestrong invented the Fitness Passport Set Top Box. What does it mean, you ask? It means that you get run the world, passport free. And while doing that, you lose the extra weight, tone those abs and build yourself a stronger heart.

Either the default American South-West or Northern Italy, you can run or walk or jog wherever your heart desires. Of course, if you purchase additional destinations, you can take your runs throughout the Italian countryside, the Grand Canyon, the Venetian cityscape or the shore of the Atlantic.

How does it work?

In order to use the Passport technology, you need a wireless connection and a home television. Your workout data is displayed on the TV screen, so all you have to do is check it out from time to time.

As you slow down or go faster, the images on the TV screen change accordingly. Also, whenever you go up or down, the images follow your direction. For a complete experience, the audio features enhance the footage of your running track.

The Passport technology is another version of the iFit technology, only with fewer features.

Livestrong enthusiasts, like ourselves, will find Passport fairly exciting. Any treadmill innovation that enhances the workout experience and doesn’t require all the money in our pockets has our full attention.

Livestrong Fitness Passport Set Top Box is available on the following treadmills:

Livestrong LSPRO2 Treadmill – AFG 7.1 AT

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