101 Running Tips

RunReviews is the website where you can find treadmill reviews we have had the chance to test on our own. But from our experience we discovered it’s not all about having the right equipment. It’s crucial you know how to use it also.

This is why we decided to create a new section on our website: 101 Running Tips . Here you have most of the tips we have followed to reach our current level of training.

For all the treadmill users out there, we’re sure you’ll find useful to read also the 101 Treadmill Tips section.


And we didn’t stop here. Once you start running, your options are unlimited. So we have created 2 other Tips sections for all those who want to start experiencing running at an another level.

Our trail runners friends helped us create 101 Trail Running Tips.

For those looking to explore marathon running, we recommend you the 101 Marathon Tips section.

Another purpose of this site is to promote running! We love this sport and like us there are millions of people in the world. If you already had your share of experience, why not help with your wisdom those who are still discovering the joy of being a runner?

You can share your tips by using the right SideBar Form from here. Or take the contributor badges to your blog and spread the word.

Thank you and keep running! RunReviews team supports you PS: Check also the Most Influential Runners Section.

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