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1. Not the first time

If you’re facing your first race, don’t try to pull off a marathon.

from Paul, Paris, France

2. No surprises

Prior to a race you should stick to your daily diet, training and gear. The last thing you need is an unwanted surprise.

from Dan, London

3. Rest

Rest for two days before the marathon. Sleep well the night before and also try to minimize the walking one day previous to the event.

from Jerry, Oklahoma - www.runreviews.com

4. Hydration

The proper liquid intake is extremely important. Your body should be fully hydrated during training and most importantly, before, during and after the race.

from Jason, New Jersey

5. Use anti-chafing cream

If you’ve had previous problems with chafing, you should be double-careful about this issue. Buy some anti-chafing cream for sensitive areas. And keep in mind that “bleeding nipples” are no joke. It is an often encountered problem for men since they don’t get bras protection.

from Ana, London - www.runreviews.com

6. Water is not enough

You need to keep your fuel 100% up and water is not quite enough. It is highly recommended that you drink Gatorade and GU Energy Gel to refill electrolytes resources. You can drink it every second or third water station, but more intensely later in the race.

from Ursu,Bicaz Romania - www.runreviews.com

7. Bleeding nipples

And because bleeding nipples are no isolated issue, you should cover your every nipple with band aid before the race.

from Ursu,Bicaz Romania - www.runreviews.com

8. Check the weather

Don’t ignore the weather and its signs. If you think about it, it controls your entire race. Dress according to weather’s caprices and be ready for any sudden change

from Bill, Miami

9. This is the easy part

If you are now facing a marathon, it means that the hard part has ended. The hard training is in the past and what is left for you is to seize the moment.

from Heather, Colorado - www.heatherrunsfar.com

10. Be loud

When you cross that finish line, make sure you announce it to the world.

from Ursu,Bicaz Romania - www.runreviews.com

11. Check your shoes

If you just realized that your shoes are damaged, you should also realize that it’s too late to be a pessimist. There is no time for changes, just remember next time to check your shoes while you still can.

from Ana, London - www.runreviews.com

12. Don't be a superhero

Don’t be a superhero. You should listen to your body and pace yourself. Pay attention to how you feel and make sure you are dressed properly. Adjust your rhythm according to how you feel. It is one of the keys to success or at least to lack of soreness.

from Daniel, NYC

13. Beware of bad weather!

Beware of bad weather! You may not want to accept it, but it can really knock you out. Instead of losing uselessly a great deal of energy, you may want to slower your time. Sometimes you have to subject yourself to another will than your own.

from Sean - runnersblog.blogspot.com/

14. Segment the distance

Instead of focusing on your final goal, try to segment the distance into four of five different steps. You will be able to gradually channel your energy and motivation towards the final aim, the finish line.

from Ana, London - www.runreviews.com

15. Relax

You can relax from time to time. It won’t kill anyone if you spare your legs for a bit. Just make sure that you take short breaks when you really need to.

from Jerry, Oklahoma - www.runreviews.com

16. Cool down

After the marathon, it is recommended to cool down by walking around for a bit. You will both relax and accelerate recovery.

from Petra, Lincolnshire UK - petraruns.blogspot.com

17. Mental exercise

The mind is a highly important part of winning the race. You can do some mental exercise prior to the marathon by repeating the last miles of the race. It will help you feel more comfortable when you really get there.

from Donnie Lincol,Nebraska

18. Do not change your diet

It’s important to not make changes to your diet before the competition. And equally important is that you don’t eat spicy, strong or acidulated foods few days ahead.

from Patrick, Amsterdam

19. Show your name

Attach your name to your shirt. It will help the public cheer you and this will definitely help you win.

from Timmy, Salt Lake City - rossy.fastrunningblog.com/

20. It could rain...

In case of rain you must be prepared. Most importantly, make sure you have an extra pair of socks with you. Wet socks will damage your feet and will help you catch a cold in no time.

from Ursu,Bicaz Romania - www.runreviews.com

21. Make friends

It’s preferable to have someone to chat with during the race. Don’t fear you’ll get distracted. On the contrary, it will relax you a little and will make you feel comfortable and comfort is a premise of winning.

from Abi, Rhode Island - www.jognewlondon.com

21. Keep the adrenaline under control

The marathon bolsters with adrenaline, that’s a fact. But keep it under control. You don’t want to exhaust yourself prematurely, do you? You’ll get your chance to outrun everybody if you let that energy take over in the final part of the race.

from Jerry, Oklahoma - www.runreviews.com

22. Be ready for unforeseen events

You can build up a little schedule, but don’t give it full focus. You might want to be ready for unforeseen events and quickly act on them.

from Jerry, Oklahoma - www.runreviews.com

23. Pray

The most effective game plan for a marathon is to pray. Don’t ask for a PR just be humble and pray for guidance.

from Patrick Concepcion - http://runningshield.blogspot.com

24. No Talk

No talk about running 24 hrs before race day – when you talk about marathon to people you release “positive energy”. Remain silent and keep that positive energy inside you. You’ll need it during race day.

from Patrick Concepcion - http://runningshield.blogspot.com

25. Pedicure

Don’t go for a pedicure before race day. Pedicure if not done well can give you in grown toe nails.

from Patrick Concepcion - http://runningshield.blogspot.com

26. Bigger Shoes

Buy your marathon race day shoes a 1/2 size bigger than your normal size. When you run your feet swell which is why most marathoners loose toenails. Your feet will thank you

from Jill - http://www.runwithjill.com

27. Keep Moving

After finishing a marathon or half marathon it is best to keep moving and walk around rather than sitting down so that blood can start to return to the core and keeping dizziness and nausea at bay.

from Coach Liz - http://tntcoachliz.blogspot.com

28. Say thank you

Say thank you to the volunteers and police along the race course. Without them, you would not have a race.

from Coach Liz - http://tntcoachliz.blogspot.com

29. Using a garbage bag to keep warm

Economizing? Garbage bags are among the cheapest throw-aways for keeping warm before a race. Just cut a hole for inserting your head!

from Scientist Runner - http://runningscientist.blogspot.com/

30. Stay motivated

It’s essential to stay motivated. An online community (related to a specific event or gender or just for ongoing motivation) is essential for keeping you active during the off-season by focusing on future races and to conquer that training plan!

by Nanette, http://crazymotherontherun.blogspot.com

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