When Proper Breathing Fails

Whenever you are out running and suddenly you feel dizziness or nausea joining in you may want to stop for a bit. There is no problem with interrupting workout, but there may be with your body if you do not. One of the reasons of your body’s reaction may be the insufficient oxygen income, considering your speed. Yes, you got it. You will either have to change your speed, even if you will not be reaching your daily goal, or the amount of oxygen you are taking in. Your lungs are not iron made, they need protection and they need to receive a certain amount of air.

So, let’s go through some strategies that will disable negative effects of faulty breathing. It is not hard, you just have to react when your body demands it.

  • First of all, the right way to breathe is by using your diaphragm, that is your belly. People usually breathe the other way around by using the chest, but chest breathing is a shallow one. Belly breathing is recommended throughout all fields that imply body use (even in acting).
  • There is no problem with slowing down. When dizziness kicks in, just slow down and gradually change your breathing. Do not go radical on your body. It needs explanations. So slow down and just focus on longer and deeper belly breaths. Inhaling and exhaling require close attention. Exhale properly so that your body removes more Carbon Dioxide and inhales proper Oxygen income.
  • Allow Oxygen to enter through both the nose and mouth. Pamper your body.
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  • If you are the exact science type, this next tip will grow on you. It is recommended that you inhale while taking three footsteps and exhale while taking two. Experts consider that it is optimum to inhale while taking the left, right and left foot strikes and exhale while taking the right and left. It is an accurate means of reminding you how to breathe properly by turning it into a reflex. And this way you will be able to focus on other stuff like emerging obstacles, especially if you are running on an uneven surface. This is a pattern that can quickly turn into a habit. You only have to slow down for a few runs so that you master this technique, and then slowly run in your pace by letting the fresh internalized technique to act. Your heart will have a lower rate. The proper amount of oxygen taken in will do that. When you are close to the finish line, you will speed up and turn the 3:2 reckoning into 2:1. You will inhale while taking the left, right foot strikes and exhale during one strike, left. It is natural and there is no major danger, but make sure you do not turn it into a habit. You most probably cannot either, as it is difficult to run while respecting a 2:1 ratio. Relax, take a deep breath and try not to over think breathing. The best way is to start slow, relax and follow your natural rhythm. Your body will make sure you are aware of anything that may go wrong.

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