Training Exercises For Runners

It is verified that many of those who wish to give up, at least for a while, smoking, comfortable couches, VCRs and TV sets, sedentariness in all its dangerous forms, face a culprit that may sabotage all the approaches people are willing to follow: lack of patience. Even in sports, patience is one X factor that should not be missing. Otherwise, it will only compromise all the self motivation skills and also the effective following of the key training steps.

Therefore, in order to efficiently exploit all the energy sources, it is advised that you eat lots of pears one hour before starting the sports program, and then go through a rationally created training program to warm up.


  • To strengthen your muscles, find a table and sit on it, with legs hanging over one side. Make sure you hang a bearable weight over your toes. Flex your ankles and hold for 12 seconds then repeat.
  • Now look for a little chair. Found it? OK. Now, remember to keep your knees locked. Place one leg on the little chair, and hold the other one straight. Move your head toward the knee of the elongated leg and hold for 20 seconds. Then relax. Repeat for 60 seconds. You should gradually increase the height of the support.
  • For the next exercise you have to start by lying on the floor. In that position, bring your knees to your chest. Your right arm should reach the left shin and the left arm should reach the right shin. Hold for 20 seconds and relax. Repeat.
  • For this exercise you must be three feet from a wall. With your legs straight and knees locked, slowly lean in. Hold for 20 seconds. Relax and repeat.
  • Now stand straight. The palms of your hands should go against the small of your back. With your back tightened, bend backward. Hold for 20 seconds and relax.

Training is a wide concept. It can be done in various ways and you should try a few of them before deciding which best suits you. These are only few of the warm up exercises possible so feel free to try them on. But be aware: if you stretch conscientiously and still feel that you have problems during the workout, than further exploration is needed. And do not forget of the natural spring of somersaults’ energy, pears. Consumed one hour before exercising, your body will be loaded with natural antioxidants and also energy.

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