The Importance of Biomechanics

A runner’s performance is influenced by both outer and inner factors that can lead to either failure or success. Of course, maintaining a continuous successful performance is quite difficult and it takes serious endeavors in order to be permanently at the top.


Nevertheless, the key aspect to becoming a successful runner is to closely watch the pros and cons of your present training.

Injuries are a permanent threat to every runner but there are several assets that, if correctly used, can prevent them and lead to fruitful workouts. The number one advantage of the human body is what is called biomechanics. But careful, it can make you both win and lose.

Every body has its own biomechanics which makes it hard for a clear set of workout rules to be institutionalized. Still, several minor recommendations can be associated to all runners.

The first thing to do is to analyze your body once in a while. You can either ask someone to do it for you or you can choose to train in front of a mirror, which can be done either at the gym or right in your home, if you have your own treadmill. If you feel a deficit of stamina or a decrease of body endurance, it is recommended to find a coach and improve your abilities. Still, there are a few tips you may want to take into account. They will release tension and improve your performance.

Firstly and the most important of them all, you should pay attention to landing. For many years, professionals have argued about the heel-first landing. Now, experts plead for landing on the lower part of the ball of the foot (the part where the toes join with the rest of the foot).

Secondly, try not to over stride.You should try to avoid reaching for the next stride and just keep running tall with a low knee lift.

Thirdly, keep in mind to be aware of your running posture. It is highly important to be conscious of your position. The key is to look straight ahead, slightly forward, not up and not down. Relax and just keep your eyes on your route, at least 10 feet ahead. Tiredness may take over and determine a wrong position for shoulders and head. If so, take a break, have some water and then continue training.

Relaxation is very important while running, which is why you should keep your hands relaxed and loosen the wrists. Also, legs should move naturally. Let the leg go forward naturally, and also the motion of the knees should follow a natural course.

Try to avoid investing unnecessary energy.Focus on keeping your body in a relaxed form and a tall position. This way, you are heading towards a great pay off.

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