The Healing of Running in Water

Running in water has proven itself to be a highly desired environment for training. It brings about a double perk: it is a very effective exercise that gathers between 90% and 100% of training benefits and it has an extraordinary healing power over runners’ injuries. It is not seldom that athletes with injuries get out of the pool and hit the running track for scoring personal bests, after not being allowed to train for a month or more. Many return even though the injuries have healed and the pain is gone, making water part of their daily workout.

It is a very beneficial and prejudice free type of workout that has gained a lot of adherents.


Nevertheless, if your pool choice is subsequent to any kind of injury, you should consult with your medical fitness specialist to make sure nothing will provide any personal prejudice and there will be nothing hindering full recovery.

Running in pools determines a numbers of factors that should be taken into consideration during workout.

First, you should find a pool which bottom you cannot touch. You can stay afloat by using your already learned swimming techniques or even learn new ones. This way you will be working out and improving your swimming skills. Sure, you can use a floating device, it will definitely make workout easier as you will not have to focus on staying afloat, but fully focus on exercising. It will maintain your upright position and keep your head above the water, facilitating your personal running motion.

Try not to lean forward and keep your initial position.Your shoulders should be back and your knees up high. Also move your arms and legs simultaneously. Keep your elbows back and your toes should head forward.

You will become more fluid and your body will gain elasticity.Knees, ankles and joints will be stronger and your full body will be revigorated. Only if water is your kryptonite, try to avoid it. But if not, you must not waste this wonderful environment. It can fulfill your every training dream and you will not have to worry about uneven dangerous surfaces.

Water also helps with flexibility. It is sure to leave you tired, but not sore.

Relax. Relaxation is very important;it opens your mind which will open your body’s energy. Stress does not make you gain anything; it works using your energy and preparing you for failure.

Just close your eyes, take a deep belly breath, make sure you are safe and off you go.

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