The Drugs Postulate

There is one certain aspect of an athlete’s life that connects all runners out there: they all want to become faster, higher and stronger. From ancient times till nowadays, these three words sum up everything a professional runner is about. As time goes by, training becomes harder and efforts grow tougher. And for this reason, many runners betake chemical substances to enhance strength and body endurance.


The use of drugs among runners is no longer a mystery. It’s been happening ever since sports were born and it is presently an acknowledged and intense topic. Along with the evolution of science, medicine met an impressive flourishing. And a fact is that the advances of medicine are amazing. Due to the medical innovations, performance-enhancing drugs are even more intensely used, up to the impression of mass use.

Doping or the use of drugs is seen by notable organizations as unethical and unhealthy, which are both true.Firstly, there is the inequity between athletes and secondly, these drugs are extremely powerful and threatening for the body and mind. History of sports is marked by athletes who won the competitions due to use of Benzedrine, Anabolic Steroids, Erythropoietin, THG, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or some other artificial stamina and endurance booster.

The year of 1904 reverberates the success of Thomas J. Hicks who won the Olympic marathon after his coach compromised his health by giving him strychnine. Also memorable are the “convicts of the road”, as they remained in the collective memory. The Tour de France from 1924 raised some waves due to the investigation of reporter Albert Londres to whom athletes confirmed the use of drugs.

When it comes down to runners, a fact is that they are the immediate beneficiaries of drug use, making running the most probable drug use sport. Track and road running are probably the most uplifting sports I can think of. More muscle fibers equal victory and steroids facilitate that. A fair example is Ben Johnson in 1988, when more red blood cells led the distance runner towards winning.

It is fair to say that running is not a technical sport, but it is demanding and any professional runner trains and breathes and eats for success. This makes it obvious that running is basically about endurance and stamina which drugs do enhance and improve. Running is not a dirty sport, but it is the most likely to have more drug-users than any other.

Drug use remains unethical and extremely unhealthy. But a truth is that taking drugs will improve abilities and deliver immediate payoff. It is not an excuse, but it is the main reason why many runners find it hard to resist.

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