The Brain Marathon

A runner needs an adequate body structure for proper training and high performance. That is a fact. Also a fact is that the brain is equally important when talking about performance boost.

It is fair to infer that a trained body and an untrained brain won’t lead to desired results. And the easiest way to get to their meeting point is by consuming sports drinks, which is something every runner should already know.

Sports drinks are designed for re-hydration and filling the supplies of electrolytes, carbohydrates and other nutrients that beggar during workout. Electrolytes are crucial for a runner as they conduct proper rehydration that inevitably occurs during training. Carbohydrates join in by offering effective maintenance of the body and by increasing performance. These two elements are sine-qua-non when it comes down to winning.

Scientists have discovered that it is not necessary for the runner to swallow the drink, but it can also be spat out. The connection between the brain and the sports drink basically resides in the receptors fund in the mouth that are activated by the components of the sports drinks, this way accessing the brain and easing workout. It is a principle that every endurance athlete uses to refill glycogen resources.

When it comes to brain activity, it kind of disgruntles the working muscles.And sport drinks are the ones that enable the connection between brain and mouth receptors. All other organs that many runners consider essential for their workout, such as the heart or the lungs, are not that important when compared to the brain. The brain is the one that actually controls a runner’s victory or failure.

The explanation is that there are certain receivers in the mouth that take up natural sugars and connect them to the brain, this way helping the body throughout workout. For a long time scientists thought that what sport drinks actually do is strengthen the muscles, when in fact they strengthen the brain. Sports drinks are also very important for body hydration, but beware! In order for this to happen, the drink must be swallowed.

This is only one of many sports examples of facts that were thought to be categorical, until further notice. My advice is to focus on several sources of information if what you are looking for is to become a professional runner.

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