Revolutionary Approaches to Injury Free Running

The sports field is one of the most physically and spiritually fulfilling types of human activities. It can make you reach levels you’ve never thought of and for some, sports offer the proper conditions for meditation. Running in particular can be a mere cathartic experience, if you lead it towards introspective levels.

Imagine you are running on the shore of the Mediterranean, the sun is about to set, a fresh spring wind is blowing and it only makes you want to run faster so that you feel it more intensely; suddenly, out of nowhere, a tree’s root emerges and, as you are in your meditating mood, you do not see it. You stumble on it, you get a sprained ankle, you feel a deep pain and your meditation session is dramatically and prematurely over.

It appears scientists have succeeded in preventing runners’ injuries, soreness and fatigue by developing revelatory running techniques. They are supposed to substantially improve your running sessions and exhaustively pamper your body.


Two of these methods are called Chi Running and Pose Method.

As stipulated by the Chi Running experts, this technique is thought to ensure a life with no injuries. It can increase efficiency and intensity as well as running speed. Chi Running is meant to reduce effort while heightening performance. It is supposed to guarantee a pain free marathon and guard a sport life of no pain.

If you are looking for competitive edge, you may try using the Pose Method. It is a new technique that experts consider to apply to any kind of movement. In sports, application of the Pose Method is thought to dramatically improve training and racing performance. It ensures comfort and leaves no room for injuries. It increases speed, intensity and endurance. It is recommended for average runners who wish to quickly improve time and speed while defying injuries. The Pose Method is thought to work for better focus and also faster recovery.

Apparently, the myth that running causes injuries and pain is put to rest by this evolution of science. Science is indeed trust worthy and when it comes to our body it is best to bone up on scientists’ latest discoveries.

You need a deeper reading in order to be in control of one or more of the revolutionary techniques that scientists have prepared for, apparently, locomotion of any type. Still, the desirable way to get close to any of these methods is to scan your own body necessities and see your plus and minuses. You are the first to understand what your body needs. Considering the results, you can visit a specialist who can give you further advice.

Remember, listen to your body. It continuously transmits information and you are its main receiver.

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