Reasons for Faulty Breathing

People like control. People like to be in control. I cannot think of any example that contradicts this hypothesis. Still, control can actually occur when one knows all the factors that may affect him or her in a particular situation. This kind of power seems great. But can we really have it?

Maybe if we experience all there is to experience. And that is quite impossible. In sports though this is not that much of an issue. Why, you might ask. The answer is simple. Our body makes us conscious of what goes right and wrong and it pulls alarm signals in any step we do.

A runner’s body must be in perfect shape in order to support the physique requirements in this sport. There is one certain aspect that can be disabling for the runner: the respiratory tract. Runners usually have a predisposition to respiratory affections, and the main reason is either some kind of allergy or faulty breathing.

Allergies usually build up on past events or situations that have managed to reach sensitive parts of the body. Allergies usually manifest through frequent sneezing, hives, fever, swellings etc.Some people constantly need nasal sprays because they have a never ending runny nose. Allergies can be the promoter of a broncho-sinusitis condition and can also develop asthma.


There are certainties that apply in anyone’s life. We know we are always in a hurry and we do not find time to enjoy the blessings of our efforts. We know we tend to get scared when facing difficulties. And we sure know we live in a polluted world.

As far as allergies go, pollutants are one of their tutors. Still, their role is not that clear. It may be they only get active when the runner already has a respiratory medical history. A respiratory condition can always be the victim of pollution that is already irreversibly spread. Nevertheless, a condition must develop in a strong body capable of manipulating its manifestations and effects.

Beware of stress, exhaustion, unhealthy diets, over training etc. as they can prolong allergy conditions and disable potential cures. Faulty breathing is almost everywhere. Most of the individuals do not have proper breathing knowledge, so they breathe backwards. Instead of using the diaphragm, we tend to use the chest. Chest breathing is shallow though. It does not help you take in the proper amount of oxygen. When we breathe in, the belly should go out.

First, belly breathing must be learned.And this is an efficient way of self pedagogy on mastering the technique. Lie on your back. Put a book over your belly. Relax. Breathe in and out, making the belly rise while inhaling, fall while exhaling. Subsequently, use this new breathing language while running.

Whether the runner has a respiratory problem or not, belly breathing is the best way to get oxygen into the body and carbon dioxide out. This way, the runner can eliminate at least one of the main problems of unsuccessful races and, on a long run, the undesirable feeling of losing races.

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