Prevention for Athletes

When you feel the act of creation kicking in, you are not allowed to inhibit it; instincts should be let free. It is the same with sports: if you need to run, you better run. But there are a few things you should consider before going outdoor and having the run of your life. There are safety measures to be taken prior to running so that you do not have to suffer subsequent body damage. Even if it is not serious, it could be the reason for your holding back from daily workouts or races. If you already suffered an injury, there are easy steps to follow for a fast cure, but you do have to take action immediately.

The race has passed, you are in deep relaxation, and your feet have tiny painful blisters. It is not too late to be an optimist. Just go to the drug store and purchase a healing ointment. But remember to be more cautious next time if you feel your shoes rub.


Do not be a superhero. Try to gradually increase your mileage but make sure you do not cross over 10% a week. If you feel that concrete surfaces do not work for you, try running on smoother trails.

Whenever you feel pain or inflammation, use ice and be quick. The later you put ice on, the longer recovery will be. Frozen peas make an efficient treatment for aches. You can wrap a towel around them to reduce discomfort. Decrease your training with at least 30% every 4th-5th week because your body needs to relax for a bit. If you enjoy trail running make sure you have prevention with you, such as mosquito spray.

Regarding the surface you choose to use for your runs, make sure you choose the right one. If uneven surfaces prove themselves to harm your body than your should consider even and safer surfaces. If you are a mountain person and enjoy trail running, make sure you have taken all safety measures and do not forget to exercise your ankles so that you avoid sprains.

These are only few of the aspects that need attention, but an athlete should tender for all the sides of their sport life, so that sport becomes a smooth and escutcheon way of pushing out bad energy and breathing in the beauty of an active and constructive way of life.

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