On Runners’ Common Ankle Sprain

Tracks or fields or any kind of uneven surfaces are usually the culprit for common and uncommon injuries that athletes are prone to suffer. But sports are also about prevention. As any other cause- effect relation type, it is easier to understand the mechanism by which injuries occur and this way your knowledge makes it easier to prevent or cure them.

Sprained ankles make quite a subject. They happen often, they happen fast and they sure hurt. Sprains are a sure source of soreness and swelling caused by unnatural twisting motions that stretch the ligaments from around the ankle. They usually occur during athletic events, but actually sprains are so very common amongst all people who get out of bed. If you get out of bed, then you are prone to be a sprained ankle victim. Without appropriate treatment, ankle pain can persist for months or even years.


If you have the misfortune to step in a hole or to trip on a tree root or rock, you should stop, which may not be an issue since it hurts badly and you couldn’t walk anyway. It is best to stop because if you don’t, you may be growing a bigger injury and you may be looking at prolonged recovery.

As soon as you can, apply ice. If pain and swelling persist, and they surely will, get to a doctor. A sprained ankle is already a severe injury. Do not procrastinate.Massages, treatments and a professional will cure it.

Avoid compromising uneven surfaces. This is an important key to preventing ankle sprains. You can not always be on top of things, but if you feel you have a certain sensibility, choose smooth surfaces for your training and runs. Of course, supportive shoes are a golden key. They will protect your feet better.Also you might find beneficial to enclose exercises meant to strengthen your ankles within your daily workout session.

Ankle sprains are not a difficult injury, but the recovery part can dramatically prolong, this way making you miss on a relevant workout. So be careful and try to avoid body injuries as long as resistance resides in your hands.

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