On Fighting Germs

It is not seldom that long runs or even daily workouts are affected by unforeseen colds caught when you less desire. It is held true though that athletes are rarely victims of common colds, as their immune system disables the chances of catching them and statistics support this hypothesis by reporting that athletes complain of fewer symptoms than their less active counterparts and they rarely feel under the weather.

Still, in cold conditions, it is recommended a diet investigation, rather than a medical one. Colds are caught when germs receive the optimum conditions for residing. In order for that to happen, the immune system must be weakened, which should occur because of various reasons, amongst which are found an inappropriate diet and eating schedule.


Whenever you feel your energy level decreases, maybe because of a skipped meal or during a run, your blood sugar is affected. The human body responds by releasing cortisol which is a stress hormone. This release often leads to immune system suppression, and what happens is that germs and viruses find a wide open door to infiltrate and reside. And they will do it, inside your body. Body overloading workouts, such as over 90 minutes continuous runs or training by track running can be a major hit for an already sensitive body. This sensitivity may come from unhealthy eating habits, from not respecting an eating schedule, from a stressful kind of daily life or inadequate sleep.

What and when are of the same importance. You may want to care for both indicators before you decide on a specific diet. Your energy must be properly balanced, if you wish to allow yourself to perform.By skipping meals throughout the day and compensating this with overeating during night time you succeed in killing your energy resources and back-loading calories. Do not skip breakfast, experts do not lie when they say it is the most important meal of the day. Make lunch a priority amongst other important chores and sit down for dinner.

There are runners who need to eat every three/ four hours while awake. If you know you are one of them, make sure you always have on you healthy snacks since your body will most probably snack attack you. Be careful and visionary enough to stash healthy snacks in places that are accessible wherever you might be.

If you are consistent, you might never again catch a cold. And this could mean that you have built a strong shield against weaknesses human body might feel. And that is one race whose bays everybody would enjoy wearing.

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