My Running Shoes

Sometimes details make the difference between a successful and a failed running session. In the next article Miki gives her insight on a very important detail for a runner: the running shoes.

Yes, it is held true that a successful run depends on: an efficient and accurate training, a healthy and appropriate diet, a generous quantity of devotion and strong will. Check them all and you have the necessary parameters to become an athlete. Checked? OK.

Next step is to check you budget and then go buy yourself the appropriate running apparel. The importance of running apparel is well known so you must pay equivalent attention to clothing and shoes.


Running shoes are the key equipment for those who practice this sport. Your feet need the right support and must be sheltered by shoes that fit properly. There isn’t only one perfect running shoe you must choose, but be attentive as there are many options that can do harm. Your running shoes can cause injuries due to different reasons: maybe they don’t fit you or maybe they don’t provide accurate support, the provider may have added too much cushion, although too little may also be a problem. Last but not least, if you use worn out shoes, give them up. They are the best at damaging your feet.

It is definitely worth the time, money and effort to find the right running shoes for your constitution. You have options like: shoes meant to provide stability or comfortable cushion, shoes designed for specific muscle types, shoes for trail running and so on. Your duty is to make sure you do your research well and, if needed, visit a professional. An expert is able to describe and recommend the right shoe type for you. And when this pair wears out, make sure you don’t overuse it.

When you go out to buy new shoes, you should pay attention to important small details that will make the difference. For example, don’t try on new shoes in the morning, but later on when your feet are a little bigger in size. Go to a specialty store to buy your running shoes because there you can find professionals able to show you through the correct selection process. They will help you purchase the right running shoes for you. It is quite simple actually. Now go and enjoy your run!

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