Have a good training session!

Training is a key part towards becoming a strong runner. It is like a nucleus that needs a harmonious combination of healthy nutrition, proper apparel, an efficient training plan and a healthy body in order to survive. Training should be a program that you have decided upon and immediately started practicing. As long as you think about it too much, you may never start it.

While aiming at a successful training session, there are little, but not insignificant aspects that should reach your attention. They represent the woman behind the strong man, and they surely require close care, as without respecting them, they could be the reason for future impossibility to workout, on a short or long run.

Some of these issues will be pointed out in order to offer a few tips regarding training details, so that you keep your body energetic and injury free.


If you are a freshman, do not try to outrun yourself. Think of short distances and decreased speed to avoid injury, soreness or the desire to quit. Do not be a superhero. If you feel you have trouble breathing, just slow down. There is no shame in that. Rest until you feel comfortable again and then continue your run.

You are the only one who may know how far your provocations go. If you feel there are better chances to stick to the training if you stay close to home, do that. Do not act as a professional if you are not one yet. Find a beginner program at first and stick to it.

Be realistic. Subscribe to short and long term goals that you know you will respect. If you feel soreness after the first days of training, you should know you are only human. It is natural and it happens to everyone. Do not spend small fortunes on gadgets and fireworks. Just get physical. Bone up on running issues by reading magazines, books or articles on the matter. Next to the pleasure of reading will be all the useful information you will receive by learning about others’ experiences.

Exercise even when you are not preparing for a run by lifting weights. Take walk breaks while running; it does not mean you are not a good runner, it is only your body’s way of saying that you are not ready yet for great performances.

If you get bored fast, vary; vary your clothing, your training routes, your music, and your exercises. Motivate yourself by using environment. This is one use of environment that everyone would agree on. When things get tough, try focusing on your breath and the sound of your feet. This way you will be exercising your body and having a Tibetan meditation session while doing it. Be ambitious; try running harder in the last part of your runs.

If you are too busy and do not have time to run, use the time that you have. If your working place provides you with showers, then use the time you spend getting to work for running purposes and also the time you spend getting from work to home. Rest. Resting is as important as working out efforts. Do not get over ambitious if you know you are not ready yet. It will lead to massive frustration and giving up.

Do not heavily focus on only one aspect of your training program. Embrace all of the tasks that should be accomplished during workout.

Never forget to listen to your body. Our body is in continuous talk to our mind. It is only a matter of understanding and be sure that working out will definitely stimulate the capacity of understanding this kind of language we are not accustomed to listen to.

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